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How to Kill Roof Moths

Nov 28

How to Kill Roof Moths


Roof moss can look beautiful on cottages but it can cause severe damage to your roof. Moss can damage your roof, cause damage to the underlying surface and compromise the structural integrity of your house. This can have a negative impact on your family's health. Protect your family and extend the lifespan of your roof by being proactive and hiring a Marietta Roofing.


Follow these simple steps to get rid of roof moss and save on house repairs


  • Choose Roof Moss Controls Which Work


Moss likes to grow and spread between roof shingles. These low-maintenance plants thrive in areas where moisture accumulates. Moss is not dependent on sunlight or nutrients, but it does need to be moistened. In humid locations with mild winters or foggy mornings, even a modest covering of moss could quickly turn into an issue on the roof.


Roof moss becomes a thick, strong covering if it is not properly managed. Once established, moss behaves like a sponge that absorbs water from below and above the roof. Moss forms beneath shingle edges. It can rip off shingles and allow harmful moisture to reach the layers below. The damage is extensive, ranging from shingles to rotten frameworks and underlayments. Mold can cause serious health problems and spread through walls to affect people's lives. Untreated moss spreads to every nook and crevice.


  • Roof Moss Controls Which Work

Roof moss can be treated using chemicals designed for roofs. Mosses can be treated with weed killers or home remedies, but they are not like other plants. Similar to the previous point, you should not use grass moss killers on your roof. Many lawn moss products are made from iron compounds. These naturally create rusty streaks. Roof moss killers that work quickly without staining or corroding the gutters are the best.


Roof moss treatments that are effective stop moss from holding onto water in the same manner as lawn moss. Roof moss turns black when dry and then dies. Roof moss management treatments that are effective and non-staining can be purchased in dry or liquid forms.


Roofs & Walks can be used to treat small or large roofs in two ways: a ready-to-spray mixture and a concentrated version. These very effective roof moss remedies use ammoniated soap with fatty acids to quickly get rid of algae and roof moss. You will see results within a few hours. Before you apply the product, read the label thoroughly. Make sure the label correctly identifies your shingle material and gutter materials. Make sure to cover all plants at or below your roof's level during application. Give your plants a thorough rinse after the product has dried. Moss is common on roofs overhanging trees.


  • Roof Moss: How to Prevent and Treat It


Roof moss must be treated as soon as it is growing. Moss can grow slowly during the summer, but it will explode after the fall rains. Roof moss needs to be treated before the fall rains are at their height. Although the best results are possible if the soil is moist, no rain is expected for several days.


Extra moss can be removed with a rake, broom, or other tools if it is possible. Moss killers are protected by the top layer of dense moss. Spread dry formulations along the pitch roof ridge so you can safely walk. Rain will wash off the product and cover lower parts. Simply use a liquid mix and a pump-style sprayer to cover all roof surfaces of flat rooftops or roofs not safe to walk on.


  • Rain will sweep away dead moose as it goes.


To speed up the process you can also use a brush, rake, or other tools. For proactive moss control, you should treat your roof every year right before the rainy season. Avoid putting leaves or other debris on gutters and roofs. This can trap moisture, which can encourage moss growth.


It is possible to save money by keeping roof moss from growing in your house. Protect your family, your investment in your home, and your investment by eliminating roof moss.

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