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Sit down and notice if your roof is falling apart

Nov 28

Sit down and notice if your roof is falling apart

These are the symptoms of common roof problems that you can fix yourself. It will save you lots of money and make your roof last a long time.


  • Plumbing Vent Boots Broken


There are many materials available for plumbing vent boots. These include pure plastic, plastic and metallic, as well as a two-piece and two-piece metal versions. Examine for cracks on plastic bases or damaged seams on metal bases. Next, look at the rubber boots that surround the pipe. This rubber boot may be torn or decayed and allow water to pass through the pipe. You should replace the vent boot if it has any of those problems. If the boots are in good condition and there are any missing or loose nails at their base, replace them with rubber-washers nuts.


  • Stains on Ceiling


A leaky roof is likely to be the source of water stains on ceilings or walls. The hardest thing is to locate the leak. However, roof leak repair usually is simple. We'll show the easiest methods to repair and locate the leakiest roofs. Even if the leak doesn't bother you, or if you're going to be installing a new roof next summer, it's important that you fix the problem immediately. A small leak can cause serious problems, such as mold, lost insulation, and rotten frame or sheathing.


  • Shiners


If you can't find any visible flow lines on the roof, and the ceiling stained is quite small, look out for shiners. A shiner is an unattached nail that doesn't reach the framing. The frigid attic becomes a hotbed for moisture as the moistened air from the rooms below condenses into chilly nails. This is what you might see if your attic is cold on a winter night. The nails will appear white as they have become frosted. As the attic gets warmer during the day, the snow melts and drips. Then, at night, the nails start to freeze again. To solve the problem simply use side-cutting, pliers to snip the nails.


  • Shingles damaged


A shattered roof shingle not only looks bad, but it can also be a sign that there is a leak somewhere. You can repair it as long as you find the right shingles or hire roofing contractors.


  • Filthy, clogged soffits


Attic ventilation can be vital for your home’s health. It all begins with outside air being inhaled through soffit exhausts. This creates airflow and warms attic air that is then transferred out to the roof vents. Air enters the roof via the soffit vents. It usually goes through the attic via an air chute (or another hole) along the underside. There are plastic air chutes that can be found at home centers or building supply stores. They keep air flowing freely between the roof sheathing, rafters, and each spacing. Clear soffits can help keep moisture away from the roof's frame, which can lead to mold growth.


  • Mold Where Roof Meets Exterior Wall


Kick-out flashing needs to be applied where a roof edge meets the sidewall. Roof runoff would otherwise seep down the wall and perhaps even into it if it weren't there. Water could leak behind trims below doors and windows, causing damage. It might not be obvious for years, but rot can eventually damage sheathing. Sometimes, the stucco can be all that is needed to keep the wall from collapsing. Don't wait until something like this happens to you.


  • Gutters that are rusted


Gutter leaks usually result from rusty seams or places that have been subject to expansion and contraction. The best way to stop a gutter leakage is to use gutter and roof repair tape. These are available at hardware stores or home centers. Start by removing rust with wire brushes and tar first with a putty blade.



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