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Spring Cleaning The Roof Checklist

Dec 15

In the excitement that comes with the harvesting of your garden or planting one or simply leaving the house to enjoy the Spring weather or reading books in winter, It's easy to forget certain important elements of home maintenance. It's not easy however, it'll be rewarding once the weather changes or the roof's design changes to meet seasonal needs.

Here are some places to begin your home maintenance both outdoors and indoors. As with any other home maintenance task, it is wise to keep a hand on hand in case of minor issues or to get in touch with an expert should the circumstances require.


The roof may be outside, but it's meant to shield the contents inside. Through this section of the checklist, you'll ensure damages haven't already gone unnoticed. Always seek out a professional when you find something that is beyond your control. This may help to limit the possibility of further harm.

Inspect your entire attic. If light or water has been discovered, you'll know the general area.

Examine for mildew or mold. You might find stains or an unpleasant odor within your attic. If you observe something out in the normal, it could be an indication of damaged roofing or a problem with the ventilation system of your home.

Check your ceilings. If water has penetrated your home the water will then settle on its way back down to the floor. Trouble signals include stains smells and ceilings that are sagging.


Outside, things can get complicated for those who have less experience with maintenance. A safety harness and proper training result in less risk for your roof as well as you. These common problems should be dealt with by a professional. If you're going to put up on your own ensure that you are equipped with safety equipment and support.

Examine your eavestrough connections. If they're not tight or are not connected to the roof, they are at the chance of falling.

Check to see if eavestroughs are overflowing. This can be best in heavy rain. You can determine the source of the blockage and then fix the blockages.

Eliminate eavestrough sludge. Twigs, leaves, and other debris will fall through the winter and will settle in your drainage in spring. This can be cleaned by hand to increase the flow of water.

Any trees that are causing problems should be removed. Take care not to trim trees that are in contact with your walls, roof, or eavestroughing. Even tiny snags may pose a problem for your exterior especially during windy conditions.

Examine the condition of your shingles. This is a major task and requires professional roofing Mississauga  maintenance. If yours are looking worse than it should It could be time to replace. If there are small areas, talk with a professional who can help determine the appropriate next step.

A spring cleaning routine is never harmful either indoors or out. Your roof isn't just protecting your most valuable assets as well as your comfort. Ask for help from professionals who can take care of your roof.

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