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Dec 17

Are you keeping your false lashes clean? It can be hard to keep your false lashes clean after a long day. But, we promise you will thank us for it when your lashes last months.

You can prolong the life of your favorite set by keeping them clean and sanitized. The glue and mascara that have been built up can dry out lashes, and also warp synthetic fibers. Wearing lashes for long periods of time can also carry bacteria that can be dangerous to the eyes. We promise that there are several ways to clean false lashes. You will be a blessing to your falsie collection.

Remove the glue

Over time, glue buildup can cause lashes to appear uneven. Additionally, glue buildup can trap bacteria. You can remove glue from the back of your lashes with tweezers, but not the lash hairs.

Wash your hair with warm water

To loosen mascara, eyeshadow, or any other makeup residue, fill a sink with warm water. Hot water is good for stubborn makeup, but only for artificial lash fibers. Human hair and fur can lose their curl in heat.

Clean up and sanitize

You can clean artificial lashes with rubbing alcohol, but real hair should be cleaned with a mild water-based makeup removal product such as Bioderma Sebium. This won't dry the fibers. To remove any makeup that has dried from the base to the tip, wipe your lashes dry with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol or remover.

Be careful with fancy sets

Dry Clean Only clothes do not apply to lashes. Some lashes need special care. You should not soak or wipe down lashes with fragile decorations like glitter, feathers, or rhinestones. However, removing glue and spot cleaning with an alcohol-soaked cotton swab can keep your lashes tidy to get more wear from your favorite glamour sets.

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