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Which exterior siding is ideal for areas that are prone to hail?

Dec 21

Extreme storms can cause serious damages if you reside in an area that has unpredictable weather conditions, like Calgary. When people think of hailstorm damages, they usually think about broken windows and roof damage. But, it is also important to take a look at the exterior siding and inspect it for any possible repairs and if your insurance will cover them.

Hailstorms may cause significant destruction to your house. Siding is usually insured by the homeowners insurance. However, the majority of homeowners jump the gun once they realize that their roof leaks due to hail damage and fail to inspect their house for other damage on the exterior. It could affect the severity of damage that you see, and how soon you should replace the siding on your Elizabethtown exterior siding.


There are many kinds of siding. Vinyl, aluminum, Hardie Board are some of the most common types. Each one has distinct advantages, and offers different styles. We'll look at the most popular siding materials, the ways they are damaged, and how to spot hail damage on siding varieties.


Typically, stucco is that is mixed with water, sand and lime. The majority of newer homes are made from synthetic materials that look like stucco. The biggest benefit of stucco siding is that you can blend the color in the mix and eliminate any additional painting. Stucco exterior siding can withstand most weather damage but severe storms can be devastating to your home.

If the stucco surface is damaged by an occurrence of wind or hail it is common to notice that the surface is soft or has dents in it. If the damage is serious you might notice tiny cracks or spider webbing around the dent. If you notice cracks around the dent the foam backing may be damaged behind the stucco. In this situation it is necessary to remove the stucco altogether on the affected area and have it replaced by a professional.


Fiber cement siding looks like stucco, wood or the masonry exterior sidings. This kind of siding is extremely durable and usually comes with a longer warranty. Although cement fibre siding is better against hail damage, it's not impervious to hail damage. Damage from hail on this kind of siding manifests in the form of small black marks that could be signs of damage to the paint. Older homes might be equipped with asbestos siding. When you have damage and have to replace old cement siding, it's best to talk to a professional to ensure your own security.


Vinyl siding is constructed of PVC plastic. It is inexpensive and widely used. Vinyl siding can crack or melt, and then fade with time. Fresh coats of paint could help revive the appearance of your siding. Vinyl siding is generally constructed in panels. In the aftermath of the hailstorm that hit Calgary hundreds of homes in the northeast were damaged by hail. Many of these homes are built with vinyl siding.

Hail damage is easy to spot on vinyl sidings, in part because the hail is able to punch holes into the siding. You might also see cracks and chips appearing on the siding. Vinyl siding is the most affordable option for siding on the exterior, it's also possible to pay more for a higher-quality and thicker vinyl solution. One example is Hardie Board. If your siding made of vinyl is thicker then it is more likely to stand up better to hailstorms than a less sturdy vinyl.


Wood sidings are very popular due to their aesthetic value Even synthetic alternatives that mimic wood clapboard can't replicate the natural wood appearance. If maintained correctly wooden sidings last longer than vinyl sidings. Cedar shingle siding, known as cedar shakes, can be an ideal option if enjoy the look of wood but prefer less maintenance than wood clapboard.

Damage from hail can result in dents in wooden sidings and the clapboard. In some instances, however, the wood may split or become punctured. Finding hail damage on wood siding is easy because the crack should reveal the non-oxidized wood underneath. This signifies that the damaged area will be darker than the unaffected siding.


Although all exterior sidings mentioned aren't impervious, concrete or stucco-based sidings resist hail damage better than other types of siding. The ultimate decision about which siding you choose for your home will be based on the appearance, color, longevity and durability. You must consider whether the siding will withstand hail damage, specifically if you live in an area with frequent hail storms.

Whatever siding you pick for your home, it's crucial to understand what homeowner's insurance will cover for exterior siding damaged. The majority of insurance companies will cover repair of the exterior siding, but they may not be able to identify a similar siding to the siding, this could lead to having mismatched exterior siding installed on your house.

The policy may have the option of matching siding insurance. It allows the insurance company cover the cost to replace the siding. They may also offer to pay a portion towards the expense of replacing your entire house. While this might mean you have to spend more for the replacement of your whole house, it will ensure that you have the same exterior siding.

Unmatched exterior siding might reduce the value of your home If you're thinking of selling it in the near future. This could be a hassle for your neighbors and yourself as well as an eye-sore. It serves both a functional and aesthetic use in your home. Make sure that it is excellent and well-maintained.

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