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Five Things to Know about the Roof Insurance Process Damage

Dec 29

It can be stressful to notice roof damage following a storm. There's a good chance that you will have numerous questions and concerns regarding the insurance coverage for homeowners.

The truth is, the insurance process isn't easy and, if you've not been through it before it can be confusing. We can't answer every question and concerns homeowners may have regarding insurance in one article.

We'll provide 5 important details that every homeowner must be aware of in order to file an insurance claim on damaged roofing from a storm.

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This article will cover the five most important points regarding roof damage insurance. Also, at the end make sure you download your free Storm Damage Checklist so you are able to identify the possibility of your roof having storm damage.

Insurance could be difficult to understand

The roofing industry as well as the insurance industry do not have the greatest reputations. Unfortunately, there are many insurance and roofing companies that aren't always keeping your best interests in mind.

We understand that the insurance process isn't always clear and straightforward. It's a way for fraudsters to profit of homeowners who want to get their roof repaired.

However, this doesn't mean every roofing company or insurance agency is trying to take advantage of you. There are excellent companies, and there are not so excellent companies.

We want to show you that both sides have individuals who attempt to exploit others in stressful situations. This will enable you to be aware of what could happen and help you avoid it happening to you.

Do not sign any paperwork until you have been given approval

The roofing industry has a negative reputation, as I mentioned earlier. It has a bad reputation due to the fact that many roofing companies attempt to get homeowners to sign contracts before inspecting the roof.

This indicates that a roofing company is trying to make you sign a contract giving them full access to your roof even before your claim is accepted. This is a clear signal they're not interested in the best interests of you.

A reputable roofing company will help you navigate the insurance procedure. They'll also offer an honest evaluation of storm damages to your roofing. If your insurance claim is approved they will ask for your name and address.

Do not sign any forms from a roofing firm If you're anxious about the possibility of storm damage.

Insurance adjusters must approve your claim

Your insurance provider should be contacted immediately if believe that your roof is damaged due to an occurrence of storm. After speaking to them, they'll either dispatch an insurance adjuster or direct you to call a roofing contractor for an inspection.

Whatever route the insurance company decides to go down the adjuster of the insurance company is the only one who has the authority to approve your claim. A roofing professional can check for damage caused by storms and then advocate for you in the event that they believe that you are in need of it.

If a roofing contractor thinks that your roof is in need to be replaced because of storm damage, it is the responsibility of the adjuster of insurance.

Adjusters of insurance commit mistakes

Every person is human and can make mistakes, even adjusters from insurance. Although most insurance adjusters will be able to recognize storm damage, they may make mistakes and deny your claim.

Be calm should they not pay your claim. There is a way to double or triple examine your roof for damage caused by storms.

The most effective way to get an opinion from a different source is to request an insurance adjuster from another company to come out and inspect your roof. If they accept your claim, great, however, in some instances, the second adjuster may claim that the roof is not suitable for a claim.

After the second adjuster's response has been no, if you think that you have storm damage, an engineer can visit your home to examine your roof and show proof to the insurance company (if there is any) the roof needs to be replaced due to storm damage.

You can select your own roofing contractor

After the claim has been accepted Once your claim is approved, it's your choice to select the local roofing company you'd like to work with. It's essential to locate a local company that has experience working with insurance claims.

However, you must be aware that there is no reason to solicit multiple quotes in order to get the lowest price when you begin looking for a roofing company. The reason is that once the insurance claim is accepted, no matter what roofing company you choose to work with the price for the replacement is determined by the insurance company.

Just because you shouldn't get several estimates does not mean that you should not do your homework and consult with a variety of roofing companies to choose the one that is right for you. You should make sure that they have a high-quality service and will stand up for your rights throughout the insurance process.

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