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Jan 15

Have you been searching for high quality, low priced music production? has the answer! They provide all different styles of hip hop instrumentals that are 100% royalty-free and easy to license. The only thing they ask is that you mention the producer in your credits when using our tracks on social media or any other platform. Give Them a call today to get started!

A Quote from The Site Owner

"We have a variety of sounds in our catalogue, so there's no limit to the type of music you can create." The company says they have everything from Trap Instrumentals to R&B beats. They offer over 200 different beats which are all 100% royalty-free. 

You can listen to any one of their beats before buying it by clicking on the preview button next to the beat title. And if you're looking for something specific, just use their search bar and enter your desired genre or keyword. also offers an email subscription service where you'll be notified when a new product is released by them."

Example Of Rap Beats Found On

Travis Scott Instrumental Beat 2022


Juice Wrld Instrumental Beat


Drake Type Beat 2022


Kanye West Type Beat 2022


Why Leasing Hip Hop Beats Is The Best Solution For Hip Hop Artists?

Musicians want to be able to produce and release their own music, but often don't have the money to invest in exclusive rights for beats. 

Producing your own music can be a very costly and risky endeavour. If you're not happy with the beat, you might not be able to get your money back. And if you do find a producer that you like, you might not have enough money to purchase exclusive rights. offers affordable lease options for all of our beats so that artists on a budget can still create high-quality music. With lease rights, you can sell your music online without any major financial risks.

Are You Looking For Rap Instrumentals But Don't Have A Massive Budget? understands that it takes time to build a fan base. Here you have a plethora of options for rap instrumentals in different genres and several beats for rap. Trap Beats, Hard Rap Beats, Freestyle Beats, Story Telling Beats and Lo-Fi Beats. You can find all of this content here at

You can use our lease license to record your song and distribute it only! Leasing Beats removes the major barriers to entry for up and coming artists that don't want to take huge financial risks with songs that don't pop from the get-go. 

When you purchase a lease license you get the Mp3 and the Higher Quality Wav file to record your song and distribute it only. This is perfect if you're just starting out or need something quick without having to pay royalties on every track sold! With leasing beats, there are no upfront costs so this will not affect your cash flow while building an audience online! 

It's also great if you're trying new sounds or experimenting with different styles because there are no limits on how many times it's used or where it's distributed as long as they follow our terms of service agreement which is included when purchasing any beat here at 

If however, after using one of these leases once (or more) then decide later down the road that this isn’t what fits into your sound anymore then they also offer exclusive rights deals too.

How To Obtain Low-Cost Music Production For Your Next Project? is a platform that provides all the beats and instrumentals you need to create your own 

songs. We have over 200 beats for download on our site, so there's something for everyone. You can mix and match different genres with our royalty-free royalty-free beats. And if you don't find what you're looking for, this music production company can also offer custom packs so you can get exactly what you want!

If this sounds like something that interests you then we'd love for you to sign up today so that we can start working together right away! Just fill out the information below and click "Sign Up Now" at the bottom of this page. It only takes a few minutes and after signing up they will be able to get started as soon as possible!

If so, then is the place to go! We have beats that will fit any style of music and we even offer leasing options if you don’t want to purchase anything. Their prices are affordable and our service is fast! You can get started today by clicking on the contact button below.

Once you lease a beat from them no matter what happens in the future with your career as an artist. So don’t wait another minute – click on this ad now and start leasing some beats from!

How To Contact

This site is one of the best websites for leasing beats and to help hip hop artists find other curated instrumentals online. Their prices are affordable and our customer service is top-notch. If you have any questions about leasing beats from them please feel free to tap the contact button and they will get back to your enquiry asap.

You can choose their beat packs or individual leases. So it’s easy to find an option that works best for you. And if you ever decide that leasing isn’t right for your business, just cancel anytime! No hassles, no headaches – just great music! So what are you waiting for? Get started today by tapping on the “Lease Beats Now” button below! It's quick and easy - let's do this! Click here now to start leasing some awesome beats with them today!