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Common Causes of Attic Mold Include Roof Leaks and Bathroom Moisture Fans

Feb 7

A lot of attic mold growth in a home is a result of a roof leak that has gone undetected. Water can degrade roofing materials and tear insulation, which creates an environment where attic mold spores thrive. Faulty bathroom exhaust fans have also been found to be the source of attic mold problems. In any case, restoration companies charge thousands to get rid of attic mold problems once they occur.

Roof Leaks are The Number Two Contributing Factor to Mold Growth in Attics

The attic is a very warm, humid environment which makes it the perfect place for attic mold spores to grow. By their nature attic mold spores are not pathogenic, but they can cause degradation of attic insulation and roofing materials if left unchecked. Common causes of attic mold growth include untreated roof leaks and bathroom exhaust fans that ventilate moist air into the attic space.

Roof leak damage tends to go undetected for some time because water generally stays hidden behind shingles or under roof tiles. Once any portion of an attic's internal structure is saturated with water, attic mold problems will certainly arise. It should be noted that roofs don't have to actually leak in order to cause attic mold issues; water vapor from indoor sources such as showers and cooking can also create problems as it accumulates in the attic space.

Poorly Vented Attic Fans are a Huge Contributing Factor to Mold Growth

Exhaust fans that ventilate moist air into an attic rather than exhausting it to the outside are a major cause of attic mold growth. Bathroom exhaust fans that expel cool moist air or steam from showers and baths can encourage attic mold if they aren't vented properly. The same is true with kitchen range hoods, another culprit for attic moisture issues. For effective attic ventilation, all bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans should be vented to the outside so they only exhaust dry warm air and don't allow for the moist air to enter into the attic or roofing, with the potential for mold to begin to grow.

Professional Restoration Contractors Can Inspect the Property for Mold Growth and Contributing Factors

In order to make sure attic mold problems are completely eliminated, a restoration company should inspect the attic and determine the location of each area of attic mold growth. Then a comprehensive restoration plan can be put in place that not only eliminates attic mold issues but prevents them from occurring again in the future.

Roof leaks and faulty attic fans can cause significant damage if they aren't noticed before it's too late. In some cases, bathroom exhaust fan installation is required, while roof leak repair work is needed for other homes with attic mold problems. Restoring an attic back to its original condition typically cost thousands of dollars, however, so it pays to catch roof leaks or faulty attic fans early on before any real damage has been done!