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Where to get the best coffee?

Feb 9

I spent many years researching the best coffee for moka pot. I've tried many kinds of brands and various roasts. I have found a brand that I have found myself coming back to. Blackbeard's Revenge is that brand. You will notice on the label that it contains scents of dark chocolate and almonds roasted. Let's pause here and recognize an aspect that is very crucial to me...

I love chocolate and I haven't met a person that doesn't.

If the coffee is prepared properly in the moka pot, it will be rich with chocolate-y flavors. I usually add heavy cream to this blend for an extra intense flavor that will mellow out the dark chocolate to more of a milk chocolate flavor. This recipe makes for an excellent cup of coffee with dark chocolate with heavy cream. Blackbeard's Revenge is the best coffee for moka pot and my most popular choice of all the moka pot coffees.

I purchase the 5 pound bag of whole beans. I grind approximately one-third of a cup at a time using an electronic grinder to ensure I'm never running out of freshness. 5 pounds of coffee beans may appear to be a lot but if you're someone who drinks quite a bit of coffee like me, this will go more quickly than you imagine. The coffee beans I use are ground to an average-fine consistency. Coffee beans are packed in a resealable bag. This will ensure freshness.

The cost is about .57 cents for an ounce and this is surprisingly affordable for such a high-quality coffee. You can find other brands with prices that are twice as expensive and less flavorful.

The Absolute Best Moka Pot

I have made a lot of coffee in the past. I spent a long time perfecting my morning cup of coffee. I discovered the most effective mokapot for making high-quality espresso coffee right on the stovetop without the need for expensive equipment. What is mokapot? The mokapot makes strong coffee. Although it's not like espresso that is traditionally made, it's very close. This is how I've made coffee for nearly 10 years. I'm not planning to change my method any time soon.

The moka pot I have used throughout time and had little trouble with is the Bialetti moka pot. Other brands have disappointed me. Bialetti is my favorite moka maker for coffee. This method of making coffee is much better over all other methods for a variety of reasons:

  1. In addition to coffee grounds, there's nothing else to throw away.

  2. The parts on this coffee maker last for many years and they are simple to replace.

  3. This method makes the best coffee and it takes just few minutes to make.


Bialetti mokapots come in various sizes. I prefer the 6-cup version. I make use of the Yeti 20-ounce tumbler, and I leave enough space for 6-8 ounces of heavy cream to fit into my coffee cup. Cream is fantastic to make espresso smooth and silky!