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7 Things You Must Know About Asphalt

Jun 6

The Paving CrewLV is proud that we can provide driveways for many clients. Our asphalt paving company uses premium materials that last and look stunning. We thought it would make sense to share some lesser-known facts about asphalt.

Asphalt can be found in lakes naturally.

Asphalt can naturally occur in lakes. Pitch Lake is located in Trinidad on the Caribbean Island. It is the largest known natural deposit of asphalt. It's only 100 acres large and estimated to have 10 million tons of asphalt.

A porous asphalt is a good option for drainage.

While roads and parking lots can be designed to accommodate precipitation, there are actually types of porous Asphalts that can help. Porous asphalts have the ability to absorb precipitation, which can help manage run-off and prevent flooding.

There are many types of asphalt cracks.

Although cracks might seem like cracks on asphalt, there are many types of cracks.

  • Alligator Cracking: Small, close-knit areas of cracks (similarity to alligator Skin)
  • High traffic causes transverse cracking
  • Block cracking - large square or rectangular cracks
  • Edge cracking is cracking at the asphalt edge
  • Slippage cracking is crescent-shaped cracks, which can be turned into potholes

Asphalt can be used for grass growth.

Asphalt is typically thought of as a thick, solid layer that covers a surface. But asphalt that is properly compacted contains 10% air pockets, so grass and weeds are able to grow through it. To get rid of weeds and grass, spray the area using a weed- or grass killer.

Smooth asphalt can help improve MPGs.

Federal Highway Administration research found that smoother asphalt has higher fuel efficiency. The Federal Highway Administration found that smoother pavements can decrease fuel consumption by trucks by up to 4.5 percent.

The Dead Sea was used in mummification.

Asphalt can be found in nature at the Dead Sea. Ancient Egyptians exported it to Egypt for traditional mummification. Asphalt was useful for protecting against bacteria, mold, fungi, and moisture when used in wrappings. It helped prevent the decay of the flesh.


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