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Jun 21


Summer is the season to enjoy outdoor activities, and you should fully embrace it! Summer offers many outdoor activities, including pool parties and barbecues. Although this is one of the best things about summer, it can cause damage to your home's appearance. You can wrap up summer by cleaning your carpets and preparing for the colder months with deep carpet cleaning in Henderson by Henderson Carpet Cleaners.

Get rid of the summertime dirt and grime to make your home cleaner

No matter if your pets are covered in mud from an unexpected downpour, or your children track dirt and grass in their shoes, the outdoor time has probably taken its toll on your carpet. Your carpet can get clogged up with dirt, dust, and other debris over time.

This means that pets and children who move inside during the winter and fall will be exposed for months to bacteria and allergens. It's worth taking the time to schedule deep carpet cleaners now. You will feel secure knowing that your home is safe and comfortable, even after the end of summer.

Information about Our Deep Carpet Cleaning Process

Hot Carbonating Extraction is the name of our deep carpet cleaning process. You will be able to enjoy a healthier and cleaner home in just hours.

H.C.E. This cleaning method can remove all dirt and grime buildup in your carpets during the summer months. You can also get rid of stains and improve indoor air quality. As your family turns a new leaf, you'll enjoy the clean, fresh feeling our services give.

What is Hot Carbonating Extraction? It does more than just remove dirt from the carpets' surface. This innovative process removes deep-set dirt from carpets using a special non-toxic formula called The Natural.

The Natural and Hot Carbonating Extraction work so well that you don't need harsh chemicals or gallons upon gallons of water. This means that you don't have to interrupt your family routine to wait for the carpet to dry. Instead, you can return to your normal day in just a few hours.

Upholstery and furniture cleaning after summer.

This is difficult to do, no matter how hard you try. We also offer upholstery cleaning.

Hot Carbonating Extraction can also be used to remove dirt, oils, dust, and stains from upholstery. It will leave your furniture with a bright, clean, fresh appearance. To help your furniture look its best, we offer a protective package. This is for when your kids return to school and as you approach the holiday season.


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