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Cabinet Refacing Explained

Jul 4

Cabinet Refacing Explained

The kitchen is the most commonly used room in a home. According to the United States, Department of Labor Statistics Americans uses their kitchen for about 700-1000 hours annually. This is why kitchen renovations have been on the rise. Cabinet refacing makes it easy and affordable to modernize yourself so you can do the project, but several cabinet refacing Richmond VA firms can assist you. These are the steps for completing the refacing process.


The first step to cabinet refacing involves choosing the best timing. The timing of cabinet refacing depends on how much work is involved, how long it takes, and how busy you are. Most people only have a few spare hours every week for such renovations. It is therefore important to choose the right time to reface your home according to your schedule.

Preparation for Wood Refacing

Wood can be messy. This is why it is highly recommended to hire cabinet-refacing companies. Before beginning the refacing, ensure that the cabinets' surfaces are clean. It is important to take out any hardware that you no longer need before installing your cabinet doors. A mask made of industrial material is recommended to protect your lungs from the dust.

Get clean and sand

The refacing process requires sanding and cleaning. It's much easier to make mistakes when you work on a dirty surface. Keep in mind that dust will be everywhere. You should also remember that dust can easily get into your kitchen. The best way to make this process simpler is to wipe down your cabinets. Be sure to clean them completely before you begin the work.

The Wood

After wiping down and cleaning the cabinets, sanding them, and wiping them clean, apply the wood panels. This can be done using unique adhesives, nails, and screws. Some cabinet refacing companies might use wood putty for filling cracks or repairing the damage. If this is the case, make sure you do it correctly before applying the panel. Wood filler can be used to smoothen out uneven joints.

Be sure to consider your budget before you choose a refacing design for your kitchen cabinets. Your cabinets should be perfectly matched by the style. Our staff has many years of experience in cabinet restoration. We have the experience and the tools to guarantee that you get the highest quality cabinet refacing job. You can be sure of top-quality cabinet-facing services by hiring us. Get in touch with us to learn more about these services.


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