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10 Tips for the Best Finding Dog-Friendly Caravan Sites

Nov 8

There's nothing like coming home and being greeted by your four-legged friend. Having a pet truly makes life so much better!

But what happens when you want to go on a holiday? Many choose to put their pup up in a kennel. In fact, it ranks as one of the top expenses for dog owners.

What about bringing your pet along for the ride? Almost 40% of pet owners choose to bring their companions with them when they go on holiday.

The best choice for travelling with your dog? Caravanning!

Want to know the inside scoop on dog-friendly caravan sites? Keep reading!

1) Do A Check-Up

Before you take to the open road, make sure your pet is in tip-top condition. You don't want to take a chance that something happens when you're away from home.

While you're at the vet, fill up any prescriptions your pet might needs. It's also not a bad idea to pick up any paperwork that could help in case of an emergency.

Keep your pet's health in mind when looking for a place to park the pop-top. Dog-friendly caravan sites will be close to a vet or know of one nearby.

2) Keep the Kennel

You might think that your dog will be safe or comfortable in a room of your camper trailer, but it doesn't hurt to bring a kennel.

The reason for that is the kennel is your pet's personal room. It's comfortable, cave-like, and has their scent.

It's a place they can retreat to and feel at home. This is especially true when the camper is moving.

As a bonus, if you need to leave the dog alone or need to move it somewhere else in an emergency, the kennel comes in handy.

3) On The Road Entertainment

When you pack for your trip, no doubt you bring along books, games, and all your favourite TV Shows. Your pup is no different.

Make sure you pack treats and entertainment. A big bone that takes a long time to chew helps make the kilometres fly by.

Bring a rope toy or a frisbee for when you're settled and can enjoy the great outdoors. Many dog-friendly caravan sites have easy access to entertainment options for your pet.

Dogs get bored too -- keep them occupied on the road for a relaxing journey.

4) Waste Not

One of the things you need to do as a dog owner is clean up after your pet. It's not a glamorous job but it comes with the territory.

Naturally, you should always carry some poo bags just in case. Places that welcome pets, though, usually have some sort of amenities to help you out.

Just as you make provisions for yourself, dog-friendly caravan sites should have a way to take care of this bit of business.

5) Work On Your Pet's Attitude

We don't mean refining their manners -- your pet needs to know how to behave in the great outdoors.

It can truly be a matter of life or death if your pet's recall is lacking. Make sure your dog is trained to come when you call, no matter what.

You wouldn't want to ruin your holiday by losing your dog the moment he sees the woods and breaks into a sprint.

Bonus tip: don't let your trip be the first time your pet sees the world beyond your home's walls. Do a few practice runs in some nearby woods or fields to get them used to being outside.

6) Be A Lead Leader

Your pet's collar and lead are part of their everyday attire, but consider getting a new set.

Be sure your pet's collar and tags are up to date. Your lead should be good and strong, too.

Once out and free, your dog will naturally get excited and pull, probably more than usual. The last thing you want is for the lead to snap and for their collar to have an old phone number on it.

Dog-friendly caravan sites usually have an area just for pups to run free in. It doesn't hurt to reinforce your dog's safety.

7) Keep it Clean

You'll learn quickly that being in a small pop-top with a pup can get smelly fast.

Dog-friendly caravan sites might have a pet bathing area on site. They might even have a groomer they can recommend if your pet needs special attention.

Be sure to pack pet wipes to keep Fido smelling fresh between actual baths. If you feel ambitious, pack a mitt you can load up with soap and a bucket for water.

8) Stick to a Routine

Just like you feel better when you wake up and go to sleep at the times you're accustomed to, so does your dog.

If they always go for walks in the early evening, don't make them wait too late. Always play fetch after work? Keep that going on the road.

9) Keep it Quiet

When you're visiting dog-friendly caravan sites, no doubt the other campers are understanding if there's a bit of barking.

Your dog will be excited by all the new sights and smells all around so it's only natural they'll bark. Don't let it get out of control.

Be considerate of your neighbours and be sure to keep your dog quiet. The best way to do that is to keep them comfortable and minimize distractions.

10) Fresh and Flowing

The number one thing your pet needs out on the road is fresh water. It's essential to keep this in mind so your pooch doesn't get parched.

Most dog-friendly caravan sites have dog watering stations. In between trips, it's a good idea to keep several bottles of water on hand just in case.

Bonus tip: make sure to have a spill-proof water dish on hand. That way your pet can have fresh water on hand at all times.

Have Fun At The Best Dog-Friendly Caravan Sites

Now that you know the best way to travel with your pets, you're ready to hit the road. Your dog is your best friend - why not enjoy a great road trip with them?

Need to know more about hitting the road in style? Contact us for the best brands, equipment, and caravanning tips!