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When a Hobby Takes Over: How Campsmart Grew from a Maternity Leave Project, to a Serious Aussie Brand

Dec 25

If you’ve ever wondered how the Aussie family-owned camping and caravanning business Campsmart began, now’s your chance to satisfy your curiosity, on this weeks’ episode of the podcast, Getting to the Heart of Business.


It begins with the story of Justine's camper trailer trip, which she took with the family while on maternity leave. This got her dabbling in buying and selling camping gear on eBay… which became a hobby… which turned into an online store… which grew into a business… and today, Campsmart is a serious player in the online caravanning and camping market.

James Parnwell from Getting to the Heart of Business podcast recently sat down with Justine to learn about her journey as a business owner.


“We thought we'd make a bit of money on the side, and then I would go back to my ‘normal job’” Justine said, of Campsmart’s humble beginnings. “But one thing led to another. Suddenly we were making money, I was too busy to go back to my job—and the opportunity arose to move further into it. I think we were very lucky.”