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Should Small Business Owners Consider AI Tools to Grow Their Online Marketing Presence

Sep 3

Many Small Business Owners are Contemplating Leverage Artificial Intelligence Tools To Enhance Their Marketing Visibility

Many small business owners excel in a particular skill—be it painting, cooking, mentoring, or fitness coaching—and it's often this expertise that inspires them to start a business in the first place. However, they frequently lack knowledge in marketing and advertising. The evolution of AI tools is creating meaningful opportunities for thousands of small business owners to test out software and products that have the potential to transform their business, open new doors, and engage with more customers online. 

AI Tools Grow in Popularity with Small Business Owners

A recent study from a local marketing agency out of Texas revealed a lot of interesting data that many small business owners are contemplating on a daily basis. Investing in tools that leverage AI to help grow their website visibility, provide a more meaningful customer service experience, and lower their advertising costs. Small business owners who have adopted AI technologies report several key benefits, including time-saving automation that frees up bandwidth for other tasks, a reduction in human errors, and accelerated business growth. Furthermore, thirty percent of these users anticipate that AI will save them a minimum of eight to ten thousand dollars in 12-24 months. Despite the reported advantages, only twenty-nine percent of small businesses have currently invested in AI. However, an additional great number of business owners desire to implement it in the near future, suggesting significant growth potential for AI within this sector. Among those interested but not yet invested, the main hurdles include a basic understanding of AI's advantages, concerns about data security, cost apprehensions, and the perceived steep learning curve—challenges that seem conquerable with the right guidance and support.

Growing Advertising Costs Put Pressure on Small Business Owners to Find Savings Opportunities

Navigating the paid advertising landscape has become increasingly challenging in today's volatile economy. With ad costs undergoing erratic changes and technological shifts complicating audience targeting and performance metrics, many marketing professionals find themselves questioning the return on investment they once took for granted in online paid advertising. Amid these uncertainties, small business owners with limited budgets are contemplating whether to focus exclusively on organic marketing strategies.