Three local businesses are teaming up to create a weekly farmers market for the Globeville Elyria-Swansea (GES) community during the summer and fall seasons.

Start Wednesday, July 1st, Lost city, Family Resource Center focus points and East Denver Food Hub will open the new Lost City Market. Every Wednesday through October the market takes place from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the TAXI complex

GES is a neighborhood in East Denver and one of the city’s major food deserts. This means that high quality and affordable fresh food is very limited. To solve the problem, Lost City and Focus Points have partnered with other organizations with similar goals.

Photo courtesy of Lost City on Facebook.

They started the earlier this year Denver Metro Emergency Food Network (DMEFN). The shortage of affordable and fresh food has only worsened due to the pandemic, and the problem has only worsened. Together, the organizations have delivered more than 250,000 free meals to those in need. The creation of the Lost City Market is an extension of their commitment to helping communities in need in a time of uncertainty.

“After seeing the huge impact of DMEFN, we wanted to find another way to meet the growing need for affordable, healthy food that also supports local farms and small businesses,” said Michael Graham, owner of Lost City. “The Lost City Market enables attendees to purchase delicious groceries from local farmers and vendors in a fun and safe environment while remaining accessible to all members of the community.”

Independent local suppliers will be represented in the new market. In addition to proteins, fruits and vegetables that come from local farms. Some confirmed vendors are Comal Heritage Food Incubator, East Denver Food Hub, Rebel Farm, Mile High Micro Greens, and more.

The “Pay-How-You-Can” model is offered in three variants. Customers can pay a recommended price for their groceries, pay for what they can afford, whether it is a few dollars or nothing, or pay for their groceries through volunteering at future market events.

Photo by Lucy Beaugard.

This is made possible by an established fund that covers weekly products worth up to $ 2,000 for those in need and the commitments of partner organizations and the state of Colorado.

The funds raised through the Lost City Market will be reimbursed to farmers and producers who enable the “Pay-How-You-Can” model.

“At Focus Points, we want to adapt to the changing needs of our community. As we continue to address and gradually recover from the COVID crisis, access to fresh, high quality food is a major concern for many families that we serve, ”said Jules Kelty, Executive Director of Focus Points.

Since we are still living in a pandemic, Lost City Market will be taking strict precautions to ensure the safety of all employees, volunteers and customers involved in the greater Denver area. The market says face masks are required and a configuration will be set up to allow social distancing.

All providers have contactless payment methods, which means credit and debit cards are recommended. At this point, all food is take-away only. No sampling or eating in the market.

Those who cannot participate but are interested in supporting the fund can donate to the market via Focus Points. Online donation portal.

Companies and other providers interested in participating in the market can fill out this form Supplier request form or send an email to [email protected].

You can find more information about the new partnership and the Lost City Market at their website.