Increased traffic is the first and most obvious benefit. It might take some time for this to happen. Usually, people need to notice what is on the site before they start paying attention. This positive feedback loop will eventually work its magic.

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Websites have seen a lot of changes over the past 20 years. It was amazing to have a website by the end of the 1990s. In the 2000s, nearly every company had a website. Websites were usually limited to five pages. eCommerce was not yet a popular option. 


Websites are the core of any business’ collateral. Websites can do more than help you promote your business online. Websites can help you sell products or services. A website redesign that is well done can help you achieve your business goals and put you ahead of the rest.


Here are some ways you can make it happen:


  1. Enhance your brand’s reputation and awareness
  2. To be a leader in your industry
  3. Conversion of customers
  4. Understanding your audience better
  5. Customer experience improvement


Enhance your brand reputation and brand awareness

Your website can do a lot for your brand. It can also cause a lot of harm. Companies are judged based on the websites they have. A website that is difficult to use or looks bad will naturally lead to a negative opinion.


38% of people actually will not continue to use their phones. Engaging with a Website If the Content Or the layout is not attractive. Why would anyone trust someone who can’t even create a website?

Bad website, bad reputation

Small businesses can look amateurish, especially if they have a website. It’s easy to choose the one with a beautiful and user-friendly website. Or the one with a website that dates back to 1997.


It is vital to have a functional and attractive website, especially in a world where more people are using their phones to access websites. Visitors won’t return to your site if you don’t offer a great user experience via a mobile-friendly website.


Google has estimated that 61% users won’t return to a site not mobile-friendly. 40% instead visit a rival.


Simply put, a website that isn’t as good as your competitors will make you lose your brand reputation. Additionally, Google will penalize websites that have a low score on page speed.

A website that is well-designed and functional does more than just look good

A website that is well designed can help increase brand awareness. This can be done in two ways. It educates the user about the product/offer and attracts more visitors. A company website that is decent should clearly explain to users what it does and how they can benefit. This seems simple, but it’s surprising how many companies fail to do this.

This second point is not as obvious. You don’t have to think only about the end-user when designing a website. Search engines like Google also need to be considered when crawling the site. If your website is not SEO-friendly, you may see traffic drop.

You can improve the SEO friendliness and usability of your website by writing clean code, creating a great layout, internal linking structure, lots of unique content, making it mobile-friendly, and you could increase your brand awareness through a higher ranking in Google.

Search engines are responsible for 93% of all online interactions. Your brand exposure will increase if you rank higher in Google or Bing.

Protect Hard-Earned SEO Content

For many people, the fear of redesigning their website is what keeps them from doing so. They feel as if they will lose domain authority and high ranking SEO content when it comes time for an update! But there are steps you can take before starting any work on your site that will ensure protection against these dangers. For starters, create a detailed plan with all existing written or video material presented onto one page so it’s easy to navigate through later without having missed anything important; audit yourself by looking at how well-organized information fits together in relation to others within same niche/field etc., review links pointing towards pages containing valuable backlinks 


Be a leader in your industry


A website can help companies build brand recognition and position themselves as industry thought leaders. Blog posts and white papers are another way to improve your rankings. These are not just for attracting backlinks. They can also be used to establish or cement a company as an industry leader.



A blog is a way to educate

A blog or section of resources should be part of every company website. This gives customers, competitors, and other companies a platform to interact with them. A blog can be a key component of a successful digital marketing strategy that is based on content creation. A blog gives your company the opportunity to publish and create content that is not only recognized by the industry but also attracts and engages customers.

Blog posts are not enough. A website that is well-redesigned will have an area where you can host white papers, slideshows, and infographics as well as images, videos, and other media. This section will allow your company to use old-fashioned PR to spread the word about new products and services. Research Services. This section allows your company to take control of the story and position itself as the top company in the industry.

Convert prospects into customers and customers into repeat clients

Every company wants more customers and a higher conversion rate. Many companies fail to realize that websites are sales tools, regardless of whether they are an eCommerce store. It should be used even if customers are unable to buy the product or service directly through the website.

Websites that are good don’t just sell but educate.

A website should not look like a billboard or newspaper ad. Your customers shouldn’t see it as a selling tool. Your potential customers have already visited your site. Instead of selling to them, educate them about your product or service. You can gently encourage prospects to become customers by clearly defining your product or service.

A FAQs section can be helpful in helping them to overcome common problems or issues. This information is accessible to all customers without the need to call or talk to salespeople. Once you have it set up, it is yours to keep forever. A great website can be a better sales tool than your staff, and this is why e-commerce has grown in popularity.

Forrester According to predictions, online sales will make up 17% of all US retail sales by 2022. We are close to achieving that projection. In 2018, e-commerce accounted for 14.3%. total retail sales .

A/B Testing – Improving Conversions

It is important to have a website that can handle A/B testing. Split testing is a method of comparing two options to find the most effective converting solution. You can change the color of a button or an image. You want to improve your conversion rates, so that users convert into customers. Despite all the benefits of A/B Testing, not everyone is doing it.

Only 17% Fortune 500 companies Use an A/B testing platform.

The Customer Journey – Sell again, again and again

You can increase your customers’ lifetime value by redesigning your website. Websites are a great way for users to be logged in and used for marketing purposes. Users don’t have to purchase anything to allow companies to access their data.

Users can easily share their contact information by signing up for a newsletter or downloading a manual. Once you have their information, you can continue to sell the product or service. You can update your website whenever a new product is released and send an email to notify them. Email All customers should be redirected to this page. This will allow customers to start their customer journey all over again. Your website makes customers not only customers once but customers for life.

Better understand your audience

A company’s site should be a key to understanding exactly what their customers think and how they behave. A well-designed website could help you better comprehend the needs of those who visit, so that every decision made as an organization can go towards meeting those desires head on with clarity from start!


Analyzing Analytics

Analytics platforms such as Google Analytics can help businesses understand their customers better. To add analytics to your website, you don’t need to completely redesign it. Google Analytics can be installed on any website at any moment. If your website has only five pages, it will be of limited value. It is difficult to see why customers leave or which pages they prefer.

However, you can redesign your website so that analytics platforms are truly useful. While more pages are better, it is important to separate different products and services onto different pages. This allows you to use analytics to determine which service or product people prefer.

You want to hear from customers? Leave a comment

Your website can be designed to allow customers and users to leave comments on blogs pages. You can also include a chat widget to allow customers to contact you instantly, without having to send an email. This will help you understand what is missing on your site.

Designing your website is more than aesthetics

You can use a website redesign to better understand your customers and make improvements at both the micro-and macro levels. You can use data-backed changes to improve the user experience and conversion rate of your website once you have a better understanding of how customers interact with it.


You can make small changes to your website, such as changing the layout of the nav bar or adding a question in the FAQ.


This feedback can be used to influence product or service changes. After they have been added to your website you can go back to your analytics platform and see how users interact with them. This is a never-ending process of improvement.

Enhance the customer experience

Businesses need to create a great customer experience. A great customer experience not only helps companies improve their brand image but also encourages customers loyalty and may even lead to more sales.


It is so crucial that it will soon be the key brand differentiation for customers in their decision-making process.


Walker predicts that customer experience will surpass product and price as the main brand differentiation by 2020.


A small brochure website is unlikely to improve the customer experience or encourage customers to return to your site for additional purchases.


Customers who have purchased from you are no longer obligated to return to your site after they’ve made a purchase. It is shameful. 


This is a shame. Not only do you miss the opportunity to sell or collect new information, but it also means you are missing out on an opportunity to show your customer how much you care. A website redesign can make all of this possible.

Customers will return

You can engage customers with a new website in many ways. A member-only area can be created on the back-end. 


It will depend on what your product offers, but it could provide tips and tricks on how to use the product. It could also offer exclusive content about your industry that is unavailable to the general public. It doesn’t matter what you do, it should offer users added value beyond the purchase.


You don’t need to go to this extent. Even if your website looks better, it can still be considered an improvement in the customer experience. This is especially true if your SaaS product or service requires customers to return to your site often. Your customers will be more likely to return to your site and order your products if they enjoy their experience.


Do you want to make your website more user-friendly, increase brand awareness, or just give it a new look? 


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Denver Web Design -The Code Nerds
3327 Brighton Blvd STE 51 Denver, CO 80216 
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