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DENVER — Some of the property tax checks sent to the Denver Treasury Department are currently lost or disregarded.

The Denver Treasury confirmed the information sent to Denver7.

Anne Collins, a Denver resident, said her property tax check, mailed the first week of February, has still not been cashed.

She said she called the Denver Treasury Department several times before finally being told that some of the property tax checks that had been mailed were missing.

“What annoyed me is that my check has been out there for 8 weeks and no one says there might be a problem,” said Collins. “I know mistakes happen. I know things like this happen, but just let us know.”

In a statement to Denver7, the department said:

The Treasury Department’s finance department has received several complaints about unpaid checks sent in the first week of February 2021. While it is typical for some checks to be misplaced in the postal system each year, the majority of checks in this area are absent due to a given time frame, the Treasury Department believed that an error had occurred in the postal service or safe deposit box process. The city has contacted both the postal service and the bank, but the checks have not yet been collected.

The department said there is no way for them to know which property owners are affected, but they believe the number is “low” and they are working with taxpayers on a case-by-case basis.

“I worry about anyone who paid by check and was not informed that this situation existed,” said Collins. “I also called two city council offices and they weren’t even aware of the situation. At least they should know what’s going on. They should have been given a tip. If they don’t want to tell the citizens, at least tell the representatives.”

The city encourages those affected to put a stop on the original check and send a new check of the same value to the address below.

Denver City and County
Treasury Division
Attn: 2 / 02-2 / 05
201. Colfax Ave, Department 1009 MC401
Denver, CO 80202-5330

The department ensures that residents are not charged any interest.

The spokesman added, “The city is offering property owners the ability to pay their taxes. If an owner does not want to pay by check in the mail, they can make payments online for the first half, second half or full half without that this is necessary. ” Create an online account. There is a simple process [denvergov.org] to select the parcel number of the property (which residents could look for here by address [denvergov.org] if you don’t know the package) and choose whether you want to pay by e-check, Visa, MasterCard or Discover. “

Collins said while she will stop mailing checks in the future, she hopes processes will be streamlined and there will be more transparency for those paying by mail.

“I’m a senior. I use the internet, but not all people use the internet. People prefer to pay by check. We’re smart out here. You don’t have to withhold that from us because you have a good reputation – your reputation.” will be more harmed if we don’t let it be known. ” She said.

Denver7 contacted the United States Postal Service. A spokesman said they would look into the matter further.