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During their travels through France, Billy and Christy Wynne enjoyed the country’s rugged sobriety scene. They returned to Denver with more than souvenirs: they decided to open Awake, a place in Jefferson Park that they hoped would provide an environment for guests to enjoy real and sober connections.

Awake opened with a bottle shop and coffee house last fall. There will be a bar and restaurant this week. And many people can’t wait to judge the responses to the Westword Facebook post – though critics contributed to the discussion that has spawned over a thousand comments to date. Bruce says:

It’s good to have options. While I am having a drink, there may be times when I am unable or in the mood for something else. There’s no reason nondrinkers shouldn’t have a nice place to hang out. They are definitely an underserved market.

Comments Gordon:

Like sexless dating.

Does Shea suggest:

Ah yeah, overpriced juice to say you had a “fun night” while pretending not to walk into a real bar and get slammed until you piss on yourself. It’s like fake cola: pointless to those who do not recover, numb, and pointless to those who are.

Miracle Jay:

Why is it such a bad idea that some people choose not to drink but also want to be social with others and have good drinks and good food?

Adds Christine:

I think it’s wonderful !! Many people have spent their lives and energies successfully staying sober and healthy !!

Comments Eric:

This is the Denver thing I have ever seen … hope they have a solid N / A program for drinks and food.

Conclusion Dennis:

How can you make a million dollars in the sober bar industry? Start with two million …..

Food and creative mocktails aren’t the only things the Wynnes want to add to Awake. They also watch live music and other events that support the community. “There is no safe amount of alcohol to consume,” says Christy, who also works as an assistant and sobriety trainer for doctors. “This is not a trend that is disappearing. It is just the beginning.”

What do you think of the awake concept? Will you go? Leave a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]

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