The Rally Hotel, a new addition to Denver, is located so close to Coors Field that on game nights the stadium lights can shine in rooms facing the ballpark. Subtle nods to America’s national pastime are woven into the decor, from the leather wall paneling in the lobby, stitched with red X-seams like baseball seams, to the grass-green carpets in the hallways that lead to the stadium-numbered guest rooms.

The energy of the game day is particularly noticeable in the rally bar, where you can find Johnny Dogs (generously whipped mini corn dogs with a side of homemade cheddar and mustard sauce) and the Rally Up vodka cocktail just a few steps from the entrance to Coors Field can order lemon and grapefruit. (Butterfly Pea Tea is the magical ingredient that turns the top layer of this ombré cocktail into a Rockies purple.)

A selection of cocktails from the rally bar, where you as a teammate can enjoy drinks and snacks before the game … [+] Fans flock to Coors Field. The purple Rally Up Cocktail shows team spirit.

The rally bar

The rally hotel will arrive in time for the MLB All-Star Game, which will be played on July 13 at Coors Field. Originally scheduled in Atlanta, the league moved the game to Denver to respond to recently passed Georgia law adding additional restrictions on voters, what President Joe Biden has called “Jim Crow in the 21st Century”. Colorado, on the other hand, is known for its electoral accessibility: all registered voters have received ballot papers in the mail since 2013.

Now, ahead of the big baseball weekend relocated to Denver, the Rally Hotel is in full swing with future additions planned. A publicly accessible Rockies Hall of Fame is slated to arrive on the hotel’s second floor in 2022, but a sneak peek could be ready in time for the all-star weekend. Nostalgic memorabilia are already on display in the lobby.

Hotel room with Coors Field seen through the window.

At The Rally Hotel, a new 182-room hotel on the other hand, subtle references to baseball are woven into the design … [+] from Coors Field in Denver.

The rally hotel

The 182-room hotel made its debut this spring and is an anchor in Denver’s new McGregor Square, an ambitious 659,000-square-foot facility owned by the Colorado Rockies that also includes a condominium, restaurants, shops, and grocery hall that open in phases. The local bookstore, Tattered Cover, will have an outpost here, and the store has put together book packages for the hotel’s guest rooms. The large outdoor space has a 110-foot large LED screen that is used to play the Rockies’ home and away games. Tom’s Watch Bar is slated to open later this spring with three TopGolf Swing Suites where you can swing a 7 iron with simulators, throw a fastball, or play dodgeball with zombies.

A 110-foot large outdoor LED screen.

McGregor Square has a 110-foot large LED screen that plays the Rockies’ home and away games.

Jeff Fierberg

The original is already open in the hotel for pre-match meals and added a brunch to its range in May of this year. Slip into a lavender cubicle and order from the inventive menu that includes croughnut slider burgers, all bagel devil eggs with crispy salmon bacon, and juicy milkshakes like a bacon washed bourbon with vanilla ice cream. If you’re a local, pay special attention to the two-tone terrazzo floors, which are paved to mimic the route the South Platte River takes through Denver.

Cake case with a retro diner feeling.

The original cake box in the rally hotel.

The original

The rally hotel is 13 stories high (build it higher and you can see Coors Field from the roof). It has a rooftop plunge pool and hot tub, plus a floor-level gym. Floor-to-ceiling windows showing the city view while you log a welding session. Sun protection towels in the guest bathrooms remind you to lather up before heading out to this sunny city.

A rooftop pool and the Denver skyline.

The rooftop pool above the Rally Hotel has some of the best views of downtown Denver. You can … [+] from here you can almost see into Coors Field.

Jeff Fierberg

The rally hotel also throws a fun design curve ball to the eighth floor. With an elevation of 5,280 feet, Denver is known as the “Mile High City”. At Coors Field, a ring of purple stadium seats serves as a mile-high marker. The hotel followed a similar path, designating its kilometer-high floor with atmospheric purple rooms.

A hotel room in purple tones at The Rally Hotel.  The window opens with a view of the city center.

The eight story The Rally Hotel is at an elevation of 5,280 feet (one mile high) … [+] splattered with purple. Across the street in Coors Field, a row of mile-high seats are also purple.

The rally hotel

As for the name, The Rally Hotel? It’s based on an age-old baseball superstition, the rally cap, where fans turn their caps backwards or inwards to help their team get a win from behind. Well played!