It’s been a long, long 13 months.

For so long we often had to look for activities with extremely limited options.

Judging from Alexander Johnson’s tweets earlier this week, Grading the Week staff have an idea on how the Broncos middle linebacker was filling his time: consuming coronavirus conspiracy videos.

“Planning a pandemic” – F.

For those who missed it, the most popular dinosaur dance linebacker re-channeled the Early Cretaceous Tuesday afternoon when he fired a couple of tweets in response to the announcement by Broncos players that they were not volunteering due to the pandemic Would participate in team activities.

His first tweet: “Hell nah !! I’m not using the COVID-19 excuses … Plan Pandemic !! ”

Realizing that he may not be with his teammates, Johnson posted another tweet: “I definitely rock with my team and support my teammates in not being personal based on all the other factors that help each player just not for excuses about a planned pandemic. “

Well, if Johnson really wanted to go back to work, it is one thing, which seemed to be at least part of the motivation behind his first tweet. But this “planning a pandemic” part? Well, that’s something else entirely.

This is spreading misinformation not worthy of Johnson’s 32,000 Twitter followers – easy-to-debunk claims that make the work of thousands of health care workers on the front lines even more difficult than it is. The past 13 months have been quite difficult considering the coronavirus death toll in the US is now over 560,000, with more than 6,300 in Colorado.

When challenged by another local writer, Johnson doubled down on his own research and later linked to an Instagram video shared by Jay Cutler (yes, this Jay Cutler) that was flagged as “false information” by independent fact-checkers was (and has been) debunked by other guys in white coats).

The folks at Grading the Week are all for athletes to have their say. They are citizens of this country like all of us and have the right to share their own thoughts on any number of subjects. So please don’t think of this as some kind of criticism where you shut up and dribble.

We support more than Johnson’s right to share his views.

We just ask that he do more, maybe even better, research.

Nuggets Doom and Darkness – D +

In yet another case of terrible luck for a seemingly cursed franchise, Jamal Murray is now lost for the season after suffering an ACL rift earlier this week.

As a result of this devastating news, a cacophony of national voices rose to declare the Nuggets’ title hopes dead.

While it’s hard to argue that Murray’s loss is significant, and possibly fatal for Denver this season, could we just put the brakes on a bit on all of Fate and Darkness?

Most recently, Grading the Week staff checked Nikola Jokic, the likely NBA MVP, still fits in Flatirons Red for the team calling the Ball Arena at home – as are some other players who are pretty good at basketball.

Let’s give them a chance before we throw dirt on their graves. You could just surprise us.