DENVER (CBS4) – As Colorado prepares for the next phase of vaccine distribution, the state awaits more COVID-19 vaccines. According to Governor Jared Polis, state mass vaccination sites could emerge across the state as soon as next week.

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“We are ready for the increased offer,” said Polis during a press conference on Tuesday. “The amount of Johnson and Johnson vaccines for the next week is only about 7,000 for Colorado, and we expect a significant increase in the following week.”

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Polis said more vaccines mean opportunities for mass vaccination sites across the state.

“Vaccination sites in Colorado Springs, Denver, northern Colorado, Mesa County, and Pueblo will be up and running for the next two weeks, and some of them will be online in the next few days, but we need the increased amount.”

Phase 1B.4 starts on Friday. Polis is asking health systems to prepare and update their websites by Wednesday. UCHealth is already ahead of the game.

(Credit: CBS)

“For the planning effort, it’s so important to be two steps ahead to make it easy again,” said Dr. Michelle Barron, director of infection prevention at UCHealth. “We want to make sure everyone has access, and to do that we want to be ready from the moment they say it’s time to go.”

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Barron says that with each stage, the process of enrolling and vaccinating people is streamlined.

“We want you to come in, get your vaccine, and be on your way,” said Barron.

As the state waits for more vaccine shipments, Polis says they can’t come soon enough.

“The sooner the better,” said Polis. “We are ready.”

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According to Polis, the state will receive an increase in vaccines against Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson in the coming weeks. So far, health officials have not released when state mass vaccination sites will be open to the public.