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11 reasons to love Denver

Even though their tables were empty, the cook workers still found ways to feed themselves.

• June 26, 2020

150,000: Ready-to-Eat Meals Colorado Restaurant Response prepared on May 26 for laid-off hotel staff, families with unsafe food, and frontline workers. (A network of local businesses, donors, and foundations created the nonprofit on March 30.) In addition, the company employed an average of 10 people in each of its six partner restaurants, including Rioja, Mercantile Dining & Provision, Morin, USA. Kachina Cantina and Stanley Beer Hall.

7,700: Pound of corn that Lovelands Root Shoot Malting donated to 10 Colorado distilleries to make hand sanitizer. Block Distilling Co., Ballmer Peak Distillery, and Golden Moon Distillery were among the liquor makers who focused their stills on making antimicrobial agents and distributing them to first responders, healthcare providers, assisted living facilities, and other major businesses.

525: Families in Globeville and Elyria-Swansea who have received emergency supplies from a community farm and the GrowHaus marketplace. The nonprofit worked with Denver Food Rescue, We Don’t Waste, and Bondadosa, a local company that uses technology and a fleet of cars to deliver groceries.

282,992: Bags of Fresh Groceries The Boulder Valley School District Emergency Food Distribution Program had been causing financial difficulties for families in the district since March 17, at the time of going to press. The food made up for disruptions in free and discounted cafeteria meals after school closings across the country.

$ 64,825: The amount was raised through Feeding Colorado Heroes, a GoFundMe campaign launched by Taylor Shields and Gretchen TeBockhorst at Prim Communications on March 20. The donations were used to order meals at local restaurants – including Urban Village, Steuben’s, Le French, and Reivers Bar & Grill -. these were delivered to front workers. By May 29, the grassroots program had served 4,500 meals to health care workers and workers in hospitals, prisons and other facilities in the area.

175,000: Beginning May 26th, Friends & Family, a Denver nonprofit made up of hospitality workers, was cooking meals for seniors, low-income families, and the immunocompromised.

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