ADAMS COUNTY, Colorado (CBS4) – A 22-year-old Westminster man remains in jail for attempted murder following a collision between jockeying vehicles and gunfire fired from vehicle to vehicle earlier this month.

Chase Scheunert was formally indicted in Adams County Court on Wednesday. He is being held on a $ 100,000 bond. He is also charged with assault with a fatal weapon and possession of a gun by a former juvenile offender.

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A 62-year-old Brighton woman, whose car he allegedly shot in, was advised by a doctor to keep the loop where she lies nestled over her left shoulder blade.

According to CBS4 case documents, Linda Corcoran was driving a Toyota 4Runner north on Interstate 25 on the night of March 10th. She followed her daughters and drove home in a separate car.

Corcoran told Northglenn Police Department investigators that she witnessed the aggressive movement of a white BMW between her Toyota and her daughters’ car. This white BMW started driving in close proximity to her daughters.

The behavior of the BMW driver “annoyed me,” she told investigators.

The daughter who drove told investigators she recognized the white BMW and another red car “started to drive like they wanted to race,” but she didn’t reply.

Mom did, however.

Corcoran told investigators she started chasing the white BMW, mimicking its lane changes and flashing her lights on it to get the driver to pull up and explain his actions. This started in the 88th Avenue area.

As they neared the 104th, Corcoran watched the other red car approach the passenger side of their 4Runner. At the same time, the driver of the white BMW braked and the left front corner of the 4Runner collided with the right rear corner of the BMW.

Chase Scheunert (Photo credit: Northglenn Police Department)

The crash was captured on Corcoran’s dash cam.

Northglenn investigators who reviewed the video said Corcoran was moving towards the freeway.

“After the impact, the white BMW lands right next to the driver’s side of Linda’s vehicle,” says the report. “It was only three seconds between the impacting vehicles and the firing of shots, which is consistent with the gunman holding the gun before impact. The shots are instant. “

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Investigators believed a passenger in the BMW crouched down during the shooting and could be seen upright as the car drove away. Bullet damage was found on the passenger pillar.

There is evidence that Corcoran’s vehicle was hit three times by gunfire, according to the report.

First aiders were called on site at 9.42 p.m. The lanes of I-25 heading north were closed as part of the NPD’s investigations.

The next morning, Thornton Police Department officers found a white 2021 BMW 330i that had been abandoned in a residential neighborhood near Quebec and 120th Avenue. The doors were left open and the engine was running. It had a rear damage adjustment that the BMW had suffered in Corcoran’s dashcam video, and the license plates matched too.

According to investigators, Scheunert had reported the car that was stolen from its driveway in Westminster half an hour before it was discovered by Thornton officials. The BMW was on loan from a dealership, Ralph Schomp BMW in Littleton, that repaired Scheunert’s personal vehicle.

In the days that followed, Northglenn investigators received vital evidence – surveillance videos, one from the dealership and one from a neighborhood residence where the BMW was abandoned.

The neighborhood video showed the BMW being abandoned (and its occupants being picked up by a red Chevrolet Camaro). The BMW driver was illuminated by the interior lights of the car when he got out.

The dealership video showed the man who had taken possession of the BMW earlier that day.

Investigators said the same person appeared with the same neck tattoo and clothes in both cases.

Scheunert was arrested on March 19. At the time of his arrest, he still had an active drug possession warrant in Arapahoe County and a gun case in Denver due to go on trial in June, according to online records.

He is due to return to court on April 15 in the Northglenn case. Investigators recommended the attempted murder charge because the shooting came so close to Corcoran’s head and vital organs.

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