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We were all like “where should we go?” Question. Sometimes the answer is obvious, but sometimes we need help. Whether it’s finding the perfect place to celebrate the right occasion, determining which kitchen may have unusual dietary restrictions, or just discovering a new place to satisfy a nighttime craving, we’ve got it all She. The Colorado Concierge will help you find the best restaurant, bar, or coffee shop for your specific needs.

There’s a particular kind of stress associated with wanting to see a prime time show and finding the time (and often a reservation) to push in dinner as well – but who says they can’t be happening at the same time? This week’s question comes from Harvey:

Where can I go to dinner and a show? I don’t want to go to dinner and then to a show, I want to go to dinner combined with a show.

Planning an evening that goes beyond just dinner takes a bit of creativity, but luckily there are a number of venues that make it pretty easy to get entertainment with a dose of hospitality. Here are five restaurants that do just that.

1. Nocturne Jazz & Supper Club
1330 27th Street
Located on 27th Street in the heart of RiNo, Nocturne offers a stylish evening with live jazz entertainment and a choice of menus. Nocturne’s small plate selection (referred to as “Sound Bites” on the menu) is ideal for keeping it casual or starting a more elaborate meal, while entrees – often designed with specific jazz tracks in mind – are ideal to dwell during a full set. For a full-blown nocturne dinner, consider the five-course playback tasting menu, inspired by iconic jazz recordings. Nocturne has live music Tuesday through Saturday. Performances include a nightly artist fee of between $ 5 and $ 30 per person. Reservations are encouraged for this intimate experience.

A view of the stage downstairs from the dining room upstairs at Ophelia's.EXPAND

A view of the stage downstairs from the dining room upstairs at Ophelia’s.


2. Ophelia’s electric soap box
1215 20th Street
Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox is a restaurant and entertainment venue that is not tied to the genre. With a live music calendar with a spectrum of styles and cuisine inspired by flavors from around the world, Ophelia’s is a place to visit if you’re looking for something outside of the standard ballpark club scene. Upstairs there is a large bar, cabins, lounge area and balcony tables. There is more movement on the ground floor with a dance floor hitting the stage and some casual cocktail seating to get to know the performers better. Ophelia’s is open for dinner every night of the week and offers brunch on Saturday and Sunday. Choose a show and buy tickets from the restaurant’s music calendar. Reserve a table separately by calling the restaurant or using OpenTable.

3. Dazzle Jazz Club
930 Lincoln Street
Named the best jazz club on our Best of Denver list last year, Dazzle remains one of the top live jazz destinations in town. A mainstay on Lincoln Street for nearly two decades, Dazzle has a reputation for welcoming nationally recognized musicians and highlighting top local talent. With live music booked seven nights a week, Dazzle is a great choice for an evening of sophistication, classic cocktails and dinner on stage. Bonus: Check the music calendar for daily shows and nights with free entry.

Queue up in Globe Hall for a good cue and live music.EXPAND

Queue up in Globe Hall for a good cue and live music.

Globe Hall

4. Globe Hall
4483 Logan Street
Head to Globe Hall in the Globeville neighborhood of Denver for a night of music that justifies the lace-up of your dancing shoes. This vintage salon grill joint gathers a variety of talents to play in the intimate music hall, which also has cafeteria-style seating while the smoker prepares dinner. Curl up at the bar for no-frills drinks and order a Texas-style grill with all the fixings out of the kitchen window. Finish the meal with a slice of heavenly banoffee cake – then hit the dance floor. The grill is available while available, so arrive before 7pm to enjoy the best selection. Globe Hall is set to change hands soon, but great music and barbecues are expected to remain the main attraction.

5. Physic Opera syntax
554 South Broadway
Syntax Physic Opera sits on an otherwise quiet stretch of South Broadway, making the block one place with dining, entertainment, and art. Syntax is a place where both guests and creatives are satisfied. It is intended to provide a forum for top-class and practicing artists of all kinds, be it music, comedy, spoken word or visual arts. The cover varies here depending on the programming and the menu includes a variety of inspirations. Guests can enjoy small plates, starters and desserts that can be shared.

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By day and by moonlight, Lauren Rapp works as the Westword Colorado Concierge in Experimental Marketing, answering your food-specific questions.