Contact employers in the event of raids

Subject: “Largest US immigration robbery in a decade, net 680 arrests,” August 8th news

When I read about 700 people who have been deported from jobs, I wonder again why the US government doesn’t go after employers. If no one were to hire, illegal immigration could decline. Instead, we address the symptom, not the cause of the problem. Oh yes, companies own the government!

Don Gonzales, Denver

Toni Morrison’s brilliance

Subject: “Think about the death of artists,” contains the story of August 11th

Thank you for carrying Philip Kennicott’s story. Not only was it elegant, but it was also a reminder to consult our sages instead of talking about heads and politicians in times of division and stupidity in our government people. I do my best not to hear.

Toni Morrison is always worth reading. Their brilliance is true proof of what can be best in America.

Jane Jackson, Denver

Perfecting and arming prejudices

Who came up with the politically correct expression “identity politics”? Let’s call it what it really is: Partisans perfect and arm prejudice in order to destroy the other party. America has fought hard against prejudice in the past. However, if you look at the past few years, we are witnessing a renaissance of prejudice.

Partisan politics provides the oxygen to keep prejudices alive, mutating and more powerful. In order to attract, attract and retain members, every political party must develop programs to gain and maintain power for its party. To maximize effectiveness, people are classified so that some groups can be classified as good members and others as enemies. Labels (prejudices) are assigned to each of these designated groups.

To be effective, partisan policies must encourage and then exploit people’s prejudices. The tool used for this is propaganda. The unintended (or possibly intended) consequences of these actions are to divide the country forever. We, the people, are collateral damage.

Prejudice in America will always exist. We are a country with over 325 million people. The key is to recognize prejudice about what it is and attack it at the source and never give it room to breathe. America will never be able to minimize the harmful effects of prejudice while the partisan process works so hard to perfect it!

Daniel G. Zang, Lakewood

Grateful architecture fan

Subject: “Simple: Looking Back at the Forward-Looking Fringe of Denver,” Aug. 11 report

How fantastic: a week dedicated to modernity in Denver architecture. Who knew? Thank you for writing about this, shedding light on mid-century modern architecture in Denver. I’m a huge fan. My family and I have just completed our new home, which we designed in an updated modern style, drawing inspiration from mid-century modernism and “pure geometry”. It pays homage to architectural forms, clear lines and openness.

I’m taking a dance class in Lowell and Belleview and I’m going there with South Platte to see the architectural gems of Arapahoe Acres. I love this type of architecture and I hope more of it stays in Denver. I am delighted with Adrian Kinney’s work cataloging mid-century homes in the metropolitan area. So cool!

Kami Holt, Highlands Ranch