DENVER (CBS4) – The number of people hospitalized with confirmed cases of COVID-19 continues to decline in Colorado. On Wednesday, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment reported 1,565 COVID-19 hospital patients, a decrease of 64 from Tuesday.

(Credit: CDPHE)

The state reports that 40,346 people received a COVID-19 test on Tuesday. The daily positivity rate fell from 12.41% on Monday to 9.26% on Tuesday. The average 7-day positivity rate on Tuesday was 11.71%.

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CDPHE reported a relatively sharp increase in COVID-19 deaths. The death toll from COVID-19 cases rose by 267 on Wednesday. Of those deaths, 149 were caused directly by the virus.

According to Colorado health officials, there are a number of factors that can cause a sharp increase in the number of COVID-19 deaths reported to the state. These include a delay in determining the original cause of death by medical attestors and registering death certificates. There is also a delay in the processing of death certificates by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC does not report any death dates to the state over the weekend.

“Given the surge in deaths nationwide, we know that delay may have climbed back to several weeks as CDC processes data from Colorado and other states,” CDPHE said in a statement to CBS4. “This is often done in batch mode by status, which can lead to sharp increases after periods of stagnant numbers. It’s worth noting that not all of these newly reported deaths occurred on the same day or even the same week, but may have been counted to several weeks in the past. “

CDPHE updates COVID-19 data by date of death on the state’s website. Officials said the graph gives a more telling picture of deaths among cases.

(Credit: CDPHE)

COVID-19 data from 4 p.m. Wednesday:


  • 40,346 tests were performed on December 8th with a positivity rate of 11.71% (7-day moving average).
  • 9.26% daily positivity rate on December 8th

Hospital data:

  • There are currently 1,565 patients in the hospital, 96% of the facilities report (-64)
  • 119 patients examined for probable cases not confirmed in the laboratory (-7)
  • 205 patients discharged / transferred in the last 24 hours (-36)
  • 28% institutions expect staff shortages within the next week (-2%)
  • 1% facilities that expect PPE shortages within the next week (+ 0%)
  • 9% facilities that expect beds to be lacking in the intensive care unit within the next week (-1%)
  • 47% ventilators for intensive care in use (+ 2%)
  • 79% of the intensive care beds used (373 available)

Case overview:

  • 272,346 cases (+3,757)
  • 15,520 hospitalized (+63)
  • 1,899,570 tested (+11,560)
  • 3,591,797 test encounters (+40,346)
  • 3,639 deaths among cases (+267)
  • 2,933 deaths from COVID-19 (+149)
  • 2,526 breakouts (+123)