DENVER, CO – Many pets have ended up in Denver animal shelters during the pandemic as their owners face eviction or foreclosure.

Maddie’s Fund, a national foundation dedicated to helping pets, has given Denver Animal Protection a $ 50,000 grant to help keep pets and their owners together, the agency said Thursday.

The grant will fund a pilot program – Human Animal Support Services – that will help keep pets with their families, get lost pets home faster, and help pet owners who are struggling to meet their pets’ needs.

The grant will be used to provide free microchips to 500 cats for their owners, fund education to prevent lost pets or help them return home, and help Denver Animal Protection deploy a safety net program for residents who are said to be at risk of eviction.

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“With this grant, thanks to Maddie’s Fund, we can expand the safety net for Denver residents and their pets,” said Alice Nightengale, director of Denver Animal Protection.

“Keeping pets with their families is incredibly important to us and we are grateful for the opportunity to expand our efforts through the HASS pilot program.”

If you or someone you know is temporarily homeless, please contact [email protected] More information about the Denver Animal Protection Displacement / Eviction Relief Program can be found here.

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