On Wednesday March 17th, Denver Beer Co. is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and opening its location on South Downing Street. The new location – nestled in the Rosedale neighborhood – brings more beer options to an underserved area and offers space for expansion and experimentation.

Photo by Nick Annis

The new location is the third taproom of the Denver Beer Co. and is located in the former Maddie’s Restaurant – a former breakfast place. The 2,563 square meter building was acquired in January last year and extensively renovated to make room for an open taproom, outdoor terrace, brewhouse, garden and restaurant with full counter service.

“The new taproom has enough outside patio space to ensure adequate social distancing and a COVID-safe environment. Personally, I’m also very excited about the addition of DBC Eats. Chef Webb’s culinary art enables us to deliver a consistent and customized dining experience that perfectly matches our craft Beers,“Stated the co-founder of Denver Beer Co., Patrick Crawford.

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DBC eats and offers “upscale bar food” created by Chef Jeffrey Webb and his team. Chef Webb has previously worked with Denver restaurants such as Fruition, Il Posto and The Kitchen Bistro in Denver. This is the first Denver Beer Co. location to have a fully functional restaurant in the taproom.

The Denver-based brewery acquired a 761-square-foot building next door that will be converted into Denver Beer Co. Ice Cream and will open this summer, offering sweet treats with fresh beers. With an almost 100 square meter outdoor terrace in front of the building, you can relax by fire pits, play lawn games, sit at beer garden tables and much more. The location also offers bike parking for some car-free summer adventures.

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The beers on offer on South Downing Street will include flagship breweries such as Princess Yum Yum Raspberry Kolsch, Graham Cracker Porter and Incredible Pedal IPA. The lineup will also include site-specific beers with sips of a Rosedale Golden Ale with rose petals, an Opacity Imperial Hazy IPA, and a Sunrise Sensei Black IPA.

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There is also a brewery on South Downing Street that can be brought out onto the patio for hands-on beer experiments with the community, joint breweries, and possible brewing classes with the University of Denver.

Crawford explains “After weathering COVID for 12 months, it feels really sensible to finally open the doors of South Downing.”

Denver Beer Co.’s South Downing Street is located at 2425 South Downing St., Denver.

All photographs by Nick Annis.