Memorial and LSU graduate Kary Vincent Jr. was designed by the Denver Broncos on Saturday.

Vincent was the ninth selection in the seventh round.

He was part of the LSU national team in 2019.

The team chose the LSU cornerback with the 237th overall victory.

“First of all, it’s an honor to be drafted,” Vincent said in a press release on Saturday. “I know a lot of people can’t make it here. I know a lot of people didn’t think I would make it this far. Coming so late is just a really humbling experience and I’m just so hungry. I am glad you gave me this opportunity. I am ready to get there and work. “

Former Memorial football coach Kenny Harrison, who coached Vincent Jr. in high school, said he expected his former star to thrive in the NFL.

“I think he’ll be a perfect fit,” said Harrison.

“He’s a great athlete. Of course, the speed speaks for itself. Not only that, his IQ on and off the field isn’t on the charts. He’ll fit right into the NFL. He is very intelligent. The game is slow for him. He’ll do a great job. “

Vincent, a two year old starter at LSU, played in the slot as a nickel cornerback for the Tigers. These skills could be valuable as he progresses to the next level.

“We will definitely give him the opportunity to learn the nickel and dime position,” said head coach Vic Fangio on Saturday after the draft. “He has experience with it at LSU and has obviously also played an outside corner. I don’t see him safe again at this point, but if you can play the nickel position inside, it’s a feather in your cap and will help you team up. “

Vincent’s skills also include tremendous speed. At LSU, Vincent also ran as part of the 4 × 100 meter relay team of the Tigers, which set the 14th fastest time in the history of the NCAA in 2019. During his pro day in March, Vincent ran two 40-yard dashes in less than 4.4 seconds.

Vincent was a member of the 2017 4 × 100 relay team, which recorded the second fastest time in a high school in the country ever.

Vincent recorded four interceptions and 12 passes defended on the field for LSU during his final season. He signed out before the 2020 season.

“The reason I signed out this season was because of the insecurity of the illness,” said Vincent. “At that time I honestly didn’t think we would have a season. I got it myself and got symptoms twice. I got tested twice and they didn’t know what was going on. That was the reason I didn’t play this year. “

He ended his career with 87 tackles, 3.5 tackles against loss, one sack, 21 defended passes and six interceptions in 39 games.

The Broncos also took advantage of their first pick for a corner kick, picking Pat Surtain II, but General Manager George Paton said they couldn’t pass it on when he fell off the board.

“Really talented and he was easy – it wasn’t that we needed a corner but he stuck out like a sore thumb,” said Paton on Saturday. “This kid is really talented and he fell. He is fast; He’s a track guy. Had some injuries so he fell a bit, but he can play nickel, he played safety. … I think he’s a good boy but if we can make him healthy and be a professional he can be a really good player. “