DENVER – In RiNo, the Denver Central Market offers a variety of foods to suit everyone, but over the past year the energy that once stood behind their doors has waned when people were not allowed to sit inside.

“We lost customers, we lost business, it was a very, very difficult year, some of my suppliers suffered a lot,” said Kate Kaufman, operations director of Denver Central Market.

Kaufman manages the market. To her, the news means that she can be 100% busy, while forcing social distancing, that some of the tables that have been put away are back on the floor.

“We will only be able to bring back six tables, but even that is very important to us,” said Kaufman.

Indoor seating not only benefits customers, especially on cold days, but also provides companies with a lifeline.

“Bringing the tables back is a culinary experience, and that’s exactly what this place needs. We’re a momentum business. You don’t often come just for ice cream, you come and you eat first,” said Erika Thomas, owner of High Point Creamery.

For Thomas and her staff at High Point Creamery, the opening will allow more people to be vaccinated, subject to some restrictions.

“I keep saying we’re almost done, I can see the light, we’ll almost be there,” said Thomas.

Although the market won’t bring out tables until Monday, companies here can’t wait to welcome their customers back home.