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The Nuggets were supposed to be playing in Charlotte on Friday.

(CBS News)

CBS Denver February 16, 2021 (CBS4) – The NBA is making schedule changes for the Denver Nuggets. The Nuggets were scheduled to play in Charlotte on Friday, but the league announced that the game had been postponed due to player contact tracing on Charlotte’s squad. The next two games of the Hornets have been postponed. Instead, the Nuggets will travel to Cleveland on Friday to play the Cavaliers. Read more at CBS Denver Read More

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Winter storms have halted deliveries of COVID-19 vaccines from a distribution center in Tennessee, Colorado.

Around 133,000 vaccines were expected to arrive in Colorado this week. However, deliveries have been delayed due to a winter storm that hit a distribution hub in Tennessee

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Here are the latest coronavirus numbers in Colorado.

Colorado saw coronavirus case numbers spike after the holiday season, but the state saw a decline last month, public health data shows. Read more

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Find out which Colorado companies, colleges, and institutions have reported outbreaks in your neighborhood.

Colorado’s coronavirus outbreak map has been expanded to include a query tool that allows people to search for outbreaks by county. … Continue reading