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The new mask management of the Federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, which enables people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, to remove face coverings and to forego a physical distance of two meters in most indoor and outdoor areas Chaos regulations in Colorado – and that seems to apply to the subway as well.

Although the city and county of Denver will reportedly move to Level Clear on Sunday, May 16, along with neighboring counties of Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield and Jefferson, details of the move have not been officially released. City spokeswoman Clarissa Boggs-Blake offered this update: “We are still finalizing the details of the public health policy and will be releasing details later today. Denver expects to see our current public health policy expired will coordinate with regional and state partners this weekend. ” Denver encourages all eligible residents to get vaccinated and thanks our community for the great response. “

In the meantime, we have at least an idea of ​​what’s to come thanks to Jefferson County Public Health, which released its updated rules just over an hour before the CDC’s big move.

According to JCPH, Jeffco will enter a ninety-day observation period on May 16, during which companies can be 100 percent busy with no additional restrictions, except for internal mask requirements or other requirements implemented by the State of Colorado or the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment “- both seem to be in flux.

However, should COVID-19 data go to hell, Jeffco has options over what the JCPH calls a “snapback determination”. During this ninety-day period ending August 15, the department will closely monitor new hospitalizations of people with COVID-19, a health metric that indicates the severity of COVID-19 infections. If necessary, JCPH will limit its capacity and reapply mitigation requirements, for example, if the county exceeds 2.0 hospital admissions per 100,000 residents within a fortnight, public health officials will impose restrictions as described in the Public Health Ordinance. “

The Jeffco press release states that despite the Level Clear marking, “the nationwide requirements for indoor masks still apply. Community members must wear masks in public indoor spaces where ten or more unvaccinated people or people with unknown vaccination status are present. Unless a company has verified that at least 80 percent of the people in space are fully vaccinated and have provided proof of vaccination. “

These restrictions can go away before the day is over – and it is also uncertain whether mask rules will continue to apply in grocery stores, retail stores, gyms, and what JCPH calls “most indoor public spaces” where large numbers of people frequently congregate and get on and off frequently. However, “As announced, the mandate could be” in schools before K-12, in public areas of county or community facilities, in care facilities, prisons, prisons, medical facilities, and health care facilities while traveling (as per CDC requirements) and persist in facilities for personal service. ” regardless of vaccination status. “

As in Jefferson County, the novel coronavirus statistics recorded on the Denver COVID-19 data summary page are improving. About today, May 14, Denver cases are down 31.4 percent from the previous week (excluding the last three days), hospital admissions are down 4 percent in the last seven days, and deaths are down from two years ago Weeks down 42.9 percent. However, the percentage of people fully vaccinated is 52.9 percent of the population aged 16 and over. Even excluding children under the age of twelve, it means nearly half of those who live in Denver have one or more recordings left.

Denver spokesman Boggs-Blake focuses on another metric. In her words, “With 65 percent of our eligible residents vaccinated with at least a first dose, continued progress remains critical to keeping case rates low and minimizing public health restrictions.”

This post has been updated to include comments from Denver spokeswoman Clarissa Boggs-Blake.

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