Denver Post names Pinnacol Assurance Colorado best large place to work

  • 05/12/21

Denver, CO ( – Denver-based employee insurance company Pinnacol Assurance has been named Colorado’s largest employer by the Denver Post. This is the fifth year in a row that Pinnacol has been named one of Colorado’s Best Workplaces. Last year Pinnacol won the grand prize for the best work-life balance.

The award is based solely on employee feedback collected from a third-party employee retention survey conducted by technology partner Energage LLC. The anonymous survey measures drivers of engaged cultures that are critical to a company’s success, including:
Alignment – where the company is going, its values, collaboration, effective meetings
Coaching managers address concerns, are helpful, and promote employee development
Connection – employees feel valued, work makes sense, work to their full potential, feel informed
Engagement – productivity, retention, recruitment
Leadership – trust in company leaders
Achievement – execution, open-mindedness, innovation, leadership
The basics – pay, benefits, work / life flexibility, training, expectations

Pinnacol “leads a welfare revolution”
Pinnacol takes seriously its vision of “leading a revolution in nursing,” and that commitment begins with its own workforce. As Colorado adapted to the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, Pinnacol supported Colorado’s businesses, workers, and communities. They also valued the health, safety and wellbeing of their own workforce, achieving record breaking results and retention levels.

Pinnacol’s workforce was able to quickly move to a completely remote environment in response to the pandemic, having already enabled the processes and technology required for remote working in previous years. Pinnacol quickly made a wide variety of new and expanded employee resources available to support their employees and their families, including virtual wellness classes and digital employee support networks. This resulted in higher productivity and a better customer experience.

“We are committed to a revolutionary mission in caring because sometimes people meet us on their worst day,” said Phil Kalin, President and CEO of Pinnacol. “They worry about their careers, their finances, and how they will support their families. We want to make sure we wholeheartedly meet their needs so that they have the support they need. This award continues to motivate us as we continue to build a more agile, comprehensive, and customer-centric organization for our team, companies, and employees of Colorado. ”


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