DENVER – Students at Denver Public School may notice a change in cafeteria food next year. The district is working with Brigaid Company to achieve the goal of preparing 100% of school meals from scratch. Brigaid’s mission is to provide better food to institutional facilities, especially schools.

DPS spokeswoman Winna MacLaren said the district already cooks about half of all meals from scratch. Brigaid will hire 12 professional chefs over the next three years to work with existing kitchen staff at 166 schools.

Brigaid founder Dan Giusti said he is hiring chefs who work with DPS and want to make a difference over lunch at school.

“Most of them come from the restaurant industry and just have to get excited about the idea of ​​feeding the people who need them – in this case, students who really depend on those meals,” said Giusti.

Cooking from scratch can be a challenge for large institutions. The DPS serves 40,000 breakfasts and 50,000 lunches every day. You need to follow USDA nutritional guidelines while preparing meals that the kids will enjoy.

Rosa Martinez, kitchen manager at Place Bridge Academy, said scratch cooking improves the taste and texture of the meals they serve.

“When I started 30 years ago, we were doing (everything) from scratch,” Martinez said.

The partnership with Brigaid is funded by a scholarship and does not change the price of breakfast or lunch for DPS families.