In this edition of 5 Things, Food Management takes a look at five things you may have missed lately in terms of developments affecting local food.

Here is your list for today:

  1. Denver Public Schools is partnering with Brigaid to achieve their 100% scratch meal goal

Denver Public Schools have announced a partnership with fresh school food company Brigaid to achieve a goal of preparing 100% of school meals from scratch, up from 50% now. Founded by celebrity chef Dan Giusti, Brigaid will be recruiting 12 professional chefs over the next three years to work with existing kitchen staff at 166 Denver schools.

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  1. The personnel crisis in the hospital leads to the National Guard being asked for help

Oregon State Hospital in Salem, a large health facility with a capacity of 594 beds, is calling on the National Guard to help with an escalating staff crisis that has left a third of the nursing staff on leave. In addition, managers from other departments of the Oregon Health Authority, as well as other state agencies, were asked to volunteer for shifts in the hospital to take on duties that include serving patient meals. A spokesman for SEIU Local 503, which represents around 1,800 hospital employees, including nursing, cleaning and catering staff, said one reason for the labor crisis is that the hospital’s current budget is not even remotely meeting its staffing needs . As a result, some employees work 18-hour shifts for several days.

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  1. Delaware North has chosen to run F&B in Seattle’s new NHL arena

Seattle’s Climate Pledge Arena, the future home of NHL team Seattle Kraken, four-time WNBA champion Seattle Storm and leading live music and entertainment program, has announced that it will be Delaware North to manage its on-site services for food and drinks. When completed in October 2021, Climate Pledge will be the world’s first net zero carbon certified arena, with Delaware North playing an important role in building The Climate Collective, the arena’s food and beverage program, the curated local provider Ingredients and partners that capture the spirit of the Pacific Northwest.

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  1. Is the egg market ready for more upscaling?

With special eggs (organic, free-range, etc.), which now take up a third of the egg market and are expected to reach 70% in five years, egg producers are now looking to the next step, namely eggs from so-called regenerative farms. These are laid by chickens that roam free foraging for natural feed like insects and worms. This supposedly increases the nutritional value of the eggs they lay while being good for the land and helping to combat climate change. Currently, such eggs sell for up to $ 8 per dozen.

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  1. Canteen contracts for the nationwide use of bakery robots

The growth of automated solutions in both commercial and non-commercial markets appears to be escalating. The latest development is a contract between Le Bread Xpress and Canteen Vending Services to install and manage Bake Xpress robotic baking machines in the healthcare, hospitality, entertainment and transportation sectors across North America following a successful pilot at corporate and university locations in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past two years. The Bake Xpress units offer a selection of pastries, pizzas and artisanal sandwiches that are freshly baked at the time of order.

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