DENVER (KDVR) – What a difference a year makes. As COVID precautions predictably continue to decline, restaurants are seeing a healthier bottom line.

Over at the El Cazo Mexican restaurant in the Jefferson Park neighborhood of Denver, Sunday is a really fun day with almost every eligible table occupied.

Culinary manager Taylor Reeves said it was a long way back.

Castle Rock restaurant celebrates freedom from COVID restrictions

“This is the perfect time to get all problems resolved and really bloom when it all opens up,” Reeves said.

Tanner Pyle dines at the bar. He is celebrating his 22nd birthday with his mother.

“It’s good to see that now, a year into the future, we are slowly finding a solution to the whole problem,” said Pyle.

Progress or not, El Cazo continues to urge customers to cover their faces when they are not actively eating or drinking and to stay within two meters.

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