Organizers of a farmers market in Denver’s City Park neighborhood said they wanted to connect with the community.

Video transcript

– – Another sign of Colorado’s comeback: farmers’ markets. Justin Adams visited a new market that opened in Denver City Park today.

JUSTIN ADAMS: An outdoor tradition is back, bringing fresh faces and pets to the City Park Farmer’s Market just outside Denver East High School.

PETER WANBERG: We always wanted to be here and thought the organization would be a huge benefit to the community and a great way to connect food to the heart of Denver.

JUSTIN ADAMS: Peter and Margot Wanberg run the farmers market and receive a 50% discount from the City of Denver on permission to hold the event outdoors with a specific purpose.

– – We really wanted to connect Denver neighbors and locals with farmers and food producers.

JUSTIN ADAMS: They invited more than 65 Colorado-based vendors to sell groceries off the ground.

– – I have a really big tomato because I really love tomatoes.

JUSTIN ADAMS: To foods that will help your love handles grow. And these were sold out in less than two hours.

PETER WANBERG: We have more donuts to go, but it won’t … didn’t quite get it right.

JUSTIN ADAMS: As you can see, this farmers market has a bit of everything from selling produce to food trucks to a few new folds like live music and power yoga.

– – We were excited to take them further. They are taking a donation-based course and they simply believe that yoga and meditation should be a healing part of our community.

JUSTIN ADAMS: For the farmers–

ROBERTO MEZA: From the San Luis Valley.

JUSTIN ADAMS: It’s another opportunity to connect with customers and help put food on the table.

ROBERTO MEZA: We are really here to develop relationships with our community and let people know that their procurement dollars, their purchase dollars, really do have an impact on our lives as farmers.

JUSTIN ADAMS: Justin Adams, who first reported on Colorado.