While we were talking about other things to a couple of Denverites, we asked about their favorite Denver spots so we could share on the 3/03 day.

Your answers are below – tell us yours (mine is likely the Cherry Creek Trail) by entering them at the end of this post and we’ll add a few to the list later this week. We’ll also pick one or two of you to snap at your favorite Denver location for the updated post!

Jolon Clark, President of Denver City Council

“I have so many favorite spots in Denver, but Johnson Habitat Park on the South Platte could be my all-time favorite.”

– As David Sachs says

Len Vlahos and Kristen Gilligan, owners of Tattered Cover

Vlahos and Gilligan are partners in life and in the book business after taking over the tattered cover from longtime owner Joyce Meskis. You have lived in Denver for four years and got to know the city. Having trouble choosing a favorite spot, Vlahos debated whether to call for Larimer Lounge, Twist & Shout, Lucha Cantina. He chose something family friendly.

“One of the things about owning Tattered Cover is that you really have to and want to be in the community.

“It would probably be very gross of me to say Tattered Cover Books (it’s my favorite place), so I’m not going to do that.

“It’s probably a strange answer, but it’s the Pepsi Center. We have two sons, the younger of whom is 8 years old and a really mad hockey fan. Everyone is so excited (at the Pepsi Center) and it’s just a place with locals and Denver and crazy fun. There is a very different feeling there than in other stages. “

– As Donna Bryson says

Jeff Fard, culture and community organizer

“I’ll say my favorite place in Denver is the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Studio and Theater because it represents the equality I’m talking about. When you go in there it reminds you of the United Nations. It is all people from different backgrounds who try to make society better through art. “

– DS

Louise Martorano, Managing Director of the RedLine Contemporary Art Center

“I feel at the intersection between the fact that Smoking Yard’s BBQ opened a location on Santa Fe Drive and Wax Trax. It’s between barbecuing and platters with me and I can’t decide which one. This would be a Trifecta: Studios, a collective of artist studios, 80 to 90 percent of which are RedLine alumni. It’s a wonderful group of artists that I just adore. “

– As Ashley tells Dean

Phil Bordeleau, Director of Sacred Music, plays the massive pipe organ upstairs in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.  (Kevin J. Beaty / Denverite)

Wilma Webb, former state legislator

“It’s like asking who your favorite child is! I like going to the theater. I think good plays at the Denver Performing Arts Center really let people have a good perspective on life because good art and good productions have messages that teach messages. I also think that Denver has many wonderful churches and synagogues. I think they make us all better, mosques too. “

– DS

Elisabeth Epps, abolitionist

“The next breakfast spot I haven’t tried or wherever Detour’s newest mural is.”

– As Allan Tellis says

Wanda James, CEO of Simply Pure cannabis dispensary and a member of Governor Hickenlooper’s marijuana task force

“I have two favorite spots in Denver: one is downtown La Loma, and I would probably say Sushi Den.”


Rebecca Chopp, Chancellor of the University of Denver

“The University of Denver campus, not just the beautiful buildings, but also the incredible Native American sculptures by Allan Houser on campus, in front of the School of Social Work and in what we call Dan’s Garden. They are beautiful and remind us of the troubled history we have but also the hope we have. “

– As Dave Burdick says

Denverite Readers’ Favorite Places in Denver

We asked you about your favorites using the form at the end of this article – we’ve had lots of great responses. Here is a selection:

Athena and Wyatt play in the Union Station fountain.  (Kevin J. Beaty / Denverite)

The Union Station fountain in summer. “Best ‘happy people’ watching in town.”

– Robbie Monsma

The city and district building for Christmas. “I’ve loved the lights and decorations all my life – I have a feeling that everything is fine in the world – peace and joy.”

– Michelle Dorman

Daniel Salazar, director of the XicanIndie Film Festival, introduces the film

The center is his theater. “Saving an important part of Denver culture.”

– David Nefzger

Weathervane Cafe. “The people who own it and their staff are wonderful and friendly. I love the ambiance and cross-sections of the different Denver people who come through the door. “

– Melissa Ball

Sloan lake.  May 21, 2018. (Kevin J. Beaty / Denverite)

Sloan’s lake. “There is something magical about the view of the mountains from one side and the city from the other – especially when you see the reflection in the water. It’s also a good workout for running, running, or biking the 2.5 mile trail! “

– Debbie Ortega (Yes, the Denver councilor)

Denny’s on Federal. “For decades there was a bird’s eye view of the ever-changing landscapes of the city center and cake.”

– Ruth Randolph

Johnny Borchaedt and his son Chase will fly over a sled jump in Ruby Hill on January 12, 2019.  (Kevin J. Beaty / Denverite)

Tobogganing on Ruby Hill. “My husband and I are children at heart. We are 75 and 77 years old. “

– Just Ganser

The view of the best tree in town from the front door of 1437 Bannock Street. “There is a beautiful tree across from the City and County building in the Civic Center, in the middle of the block.”

– Tina Scardina

My brother's bar.  (Kevin J. Beaty / Denverite)

My brother’s bar. “I have the feeling that I travel back in time every time I visit. It’s the best place in town to share a drink with a former stranger. “

– Jonathan Lorincz

The Cheesman Park Pavilion. “A view that encompasses both the skyline and mountains is the epitome of Denver. While Parks City and Wash may be more action-packed, Cheesman has become more connected to the heart of the city.”

– Jim Casey

West side of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science at sunset. “It’s the canonical postcard view of Denver and the mountains.”

– Jerry McCarthy

James A. Bible Park. “It’s the third largest park in Denver, measuring 1.7 miles with both unpaved and concrete outdoor paths. This makes it perfect for running. I’ve run over 10,000 miles in this park and even though I’m in the middle of town, you can still sometimes see coyotes, foxes, raccoons, red tailed hawks, and great horned owls.

– Rich McDorman

Mercury Cafe, 22nd and California Streets.  (Kevin J. Beaty / Denverite)

Mercury Cafe. “The Sunday brunch at Merc offers atmospheric food, music and a sense of community.”

– Lisa G.

The Highline Canal Trail. “I just love having this mostly off-road resource available for relatively safe cycling. I reduced my number of bike segments to 4 to ride the thing from Waterton Canyon to Aurora Sports Park.

– H. Bruce Baskette