On Saturday, the Denver-based country powerhouse of six, Extra Gold, will meet Wibby Brewing for a night of refreshing rock and hype.

Singer and guitarist Evan Holm and violinist Sami Steidl from Denver-based country band Extra Gold will perform at the Fox Theater in Boulder in May 2019. (Dave Tracer / Courtesy Photo)

While the group’s name suggests a plentiful and very affordable lager, it might as well apply to the skills and caliber of the members. While pop dipped country dominates radio airplay, Extra Gold picks up where retro outlaw country left off – with a sound that goes back to when Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard were at the top.

It’s tumbleweeds and twang, two-step and salon serenades and of course loads of roaring jams that get the audience onto the dance floor.

Though Extra Gold is playing a front range brewery this weekend, the group could easily be seen on a bill alongside acts like Margo Price and Tyler Childers. Authentic, somewhat grainy and with an electric stage presence, the band continues to attract fans with every performance they play.

Extra Gold will perform at Hi-Dive in Denver in 2018. (Nikki Rae Photography / Courtesy Photo)

In a recent Instagram post, Extra Gold’s Evan Holm paid tribute to Willie Nelson with a heartfelt rendition of “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain,” but the musician, who grew up in suburban Kansas City, Liberty, Missouri, A territory dips into psychedelics, which gives Grateful Dead melodies such as “One More Saturday Night” its own touch.

With a vocal tone reminiscent of country crooner and NASCAR driver Marty Robbins, Holm’s vocals are as impressive as his songwriting skills.

The band’s 2020 single “What’s it Like” is a clear nod to the country’s golden era. It’s a well-made track – slow and gentle – with the distinct sound of a steel pedal and a certain subtle heartache that comes with the need for someone who is already booed.

Tickets for the show on Saturday are $ 8 and, like all Wibby concerts, are also a food ride. Therefore, the participants are asked to bring two canned food per person to their crew. The doors open at 5 p.m. and the music starts at 6 p.m.

We caught up with Extra Gold’s red-bearded front man to find out where his love of the genre began, what people can expect from the upcoming show, and what hobbies – including a circus skill – he has embraced in 2020.

Times Call: I really love you all. What sparked your interest in the classic country? Are there aha moments in your childhood when you realized that this music would play an important role in your life?

Evan Holm: I fell in love with country music the day I stole my father’s Willie Nelson “Stardust” tape and heard his cover of Georgia On My Mind. Years of listening to country music in the mountains buried that love of music deeply. It wasn’t until 2017, when I decided to start a honky tonk night, that I got the opportunity to present my interpretation of the genre at what was then Syntax Physic Opera on Broadway in Denver. I remember people dancing and thinking, “This is what every show should look like.” We were drinking a lot of $ 2 Extra Gold Lagers a few blocks down at Hi-Dive at the time. There wasn’t a band name yet and I remember looking at the can and thinking … “That’s enough.”

Left pedal steel player Cooper Dickerson performs with guitarist and singer Evan Holm (center) during an Extra Gold show at the Fox Theater in Boulder in May 2019. (Dave Tracer / Courtesy Photo)

TC: What are you most looking forward to about your upcoming Longmont appearance and what can attendees expect?

EH: I’ve heard a lot about Wibby Brewing and how good the sound, lighting and venue are for musicians overall. COVID had us throw a rug in a couple of parking lots so it will be nice to finally get on stage and do the thing. Expect dancing, beer, a Hammond organ, gold boot, steel pedal, cosmic western visuals, and a good time. We have some new songs that we hope will be recorded soon and we will play some of them. We’re going to throw in a couple of Dead and Dwight Yoakam songs and that’s the country music cocktail we want to serve.

TC: Who in the industry do you respect as an artist today and would you take the opportunity to work with them?

EH: Zephaniah OHora, Jaime Wyatt, Dwight, The Deslondes, Dougie Poole, Men I Trust, Bobby Oroza, Dave A’bear, Iris DeMent, Kind Hearted Strangers, Landside by Harmonica Sam, Lord Echo, Mapache, The Po ‘Ramblin’ Boys .

TC: In addition to the Wibby set, will other data be added to the entire front range? Where can we catch extra gold next?

EH: We play Star Bar on June 5th, Lost City on June 18th, Swallow Hill on June 24th (all in Denver) and on July 23rd, Trinidad Lounge (Trinidad). We post all of our shows on Instagram, @Extragoldmusic.

The album cover for Extra Gold’s release “High & Lonesome” from 2018. (Photo by Demi DeHerrera / album cover by Todd Roeth at NightFox Designs)

TC: While I know live shows have stopped in 2020, I’m curious if you had more time to write songs or explore other hobbies last year?

EH: Isolation is extremely uninspiring, at least for me. I like to find songs in the wild. I thought, “Oh yeah, I’ll have two full albums in the can when we get out of here.” Didn’t happen. I’ve got a few out of quarantine. “Only Window With The Light Still On” is one of those feel-good songs about insomnia. I actually used 2020 to take a break from music. I started playing tennis and golf again. I ran to classical music. I can juggle now, somehow. Like everyone else, I’m just looking forward to looking forward to and safely enjoying music and sunshine this summer.