Welcome back to our monthly Dig Into Denver series. At the start of each month, we offer a food and drink-based itinerary that guides you through the best places to eat and drink in town – including the recently opened and unprovoked celebrations.

Bookmark this page to reference these Denver food events all month long, and let us know in the comments below which Denver food events you want to include in Dig Into for the next month.

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But first … food news

In case you missed it, here are some of the biggest announcements in Denver Food News from last month.

Community refrigerator in Denver fights hunger in the city

Photo by Denver Community Fridges

The lowdown: Several community fridges have been placed across Denver. The refrigerators help cope with hunger, finances, and access to fresh food.

Gruvi encourages Colorado’s sober exercise

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Photo courtesy Gruvi

The lowdown: Gruvi helps a sober lifestyle that has become increasingly popular in Colorado. The non-alcoholic drinks range from mocktails to non-alcoholic beers.

The Flatirons Food Film Festival returns for the eighth time

Photo courtesy Flatirons Food Fils Festival

The lowdown: The Flatirons Food Film Festival is back for the eighth time. The festival has a virtual dinner and movie element to keep you safe at home.

Brasserie Brixton introduces (Le) Brix Pizza & Wine

Photo courtesy of Daniel Mermillod

The lowdown: Brasserie Brixton has spiced up its atmosphere with (Le) Brix Pizza & Wine. The casual French restaurant has introduced a redesigned stone oven.

Newly opened

Del Mar open forward

Cornmeal encrusted calamari. Photo by Adrienne Thomas

The lowdown: Del Mar has opened in Avanti and serves slow-food seafood. The sustainably sourced restaurant takes over the space that was once held by The Rotary.

Brother Duo started a poutine food trailer

Photo by Kori Hazel

The lowdown: The local brother duo Dean and Bill Hirschfield have launched Poutine Me, a poutine food trailer. The trailer serves hot poutine with hearty toppings.

The Rotary opened in the Hilltop neighborhood

Photo courtesy The Rotary.

The lowdown: The Rotary has opened a stationary location in the Hilltop neighborhood. The menu includes rotisserie meat over an open fire and much more

The world’s leading bar 2019 takes its place in the Snow Lodge in Aspen

Old-fashioned. Photo by Adrienne Thomas.

The lowdown: Dante, a New York bar that was named number 1 in the world in 2019, has taken over Snow Lodge in Aspen. The bar offers a range of drinks and a selection of après-bites.

Not Yo Mama’s Cupcakes Meshes International Dessert Traditions and Hip Hop Swag

Everything Thai’d Up. Photo by Adrienne Thomas

The lowdown: Not Yo Mama’s cupcakes combine international confectionery traditions with hip hip swagger. You can find the cupcakes in various pop-ups and in all Dae Gee locations.

Dos Abuelas reopened at Denver Elks Lodge

Grandma’s plate. Photo by Alden Bonecutter

The lowdown: Dos Abuelas has reopened at the Denver Elks Lodge. The Puerto Rican eatery offers traditional mofongo, a guava BBQ sandwich and much more.

Excuses to celebrate

February 8: National Potato Lovers Day

Sweet potato fries. Photo by Alden Bonecutter.

The lowdown: Dive into some savory (or non-savory) bites on February 8th for National Potato Lover’s Day. We love a good potato.

Do not miss: For some great potato bites, head to Berkeley Donuts and Latke Love.

February 9: National Pizza Day

Photo courtesy of Daniel Mermillod

The lowdown: Indulge in something cheesy during National Pizza Day on February 9th. The perfect day to have a hot piece of cake.

Do not miss: For a great cake, visit the Brasserie Brixton, Rosenberg’s or Sexy Pizza.

February 20: National Muffin Day

Photo courtesy of Third Culture Bakery on Facebook

The lowdown: Bite into some fluffy baked goods on National Muffin Day on February 20th. We all need a breakfast pickup.

Do not miss: For something sweet, check out Third Culture Bakery and Fox and Raven Bakery.

February 22nd: National Margarita Day

Hibiscus Margarita. Photo courtesy of Rio Grande Mexican restaurant.

The lowdown: Have a cool cocktail during National Margarita Day on February 22nd. We all deserve a glass.

Do not miss: Check out this round-up of margarita recipes from local bartenders to find some killer margs.

Eat well, give back

Denver is a fundraising community, and there are tons of events each month that benefit nonprofits across the city. For Dig In, however, we specifically highlight food and beverage events that support food-centric causes and nonprofits – those that fight hunger, support the service industry, and more

RadCraft Industry Relief Coloring Book

Photo courtesy RadCraft

When: Started in January

Where: On-line

The lowdown: RadCraft has teamed up with breweries, distilleries, and malt houses to create a coloring book for the RadCraft industry. The $ 5.50 downloadable coloring book supports the James Beard Foundation’s Open For Good campaign.

Firkin February fundraiser

Photo courtesy of Station 26 Brewing Co. on Facebook

When: Starts February 4th

Where: You can find various locations here

The lowdown: The Colorado Brewers Guild announced a fundraiser for Firkin in February. Throughout February, local breweries will be releasing firkins that will be brewed in coordination with the fundraiser. For every Firkin sold, $ 20 will be donated to the Colorado Brewers Guild.