Welcome back to our monthly Dig Into Denver series. At the beginning of each month, we offer a food and drink-based itinerary that will help you find the best places to eat and drink in town – including the recently opened and unprovoked celebrations.

Bookmark this page to refer to these Denver food events all month long and let us know in the comments below which Denver food events you want to include in Dig Into for the next month.

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But first … food news

In case you missed it, here are some of the biggest announcements in Denver Food News from last month.

Bardo Coffee House celebrates 10 years of business

Photo by Adrienne Thomas

The lowdown: Bardo Coffee House is celebrating 10 years of success with the help of the community and coffee lovers. The coffee house offers a rotating selection of local beers and wines that support other local businesses.

The Colorado Restaurant Association has created a database of winter restaurant specials

Photo by Alexandra Palmerton.

The lowdown: The Colorado Restaurant Association has created a database of winter restaurant offers. The database supports local restaurants and gives people the ability to find new restaurants.

Coors has launched a hard seltzer to purify the river water

Confluence Park. Photo by Kyle Cooper.

The lowdown: Coors has partnered with Change the Course to bring a new tough seltzer to market with the promise of cleaning rivers across the country. The cooperation will provide 16 different river basins with clean water.

Side jobs that turned into successful culinary businesses in 2020

Caitlin Howington. Photo courtesy of Pint’s Peak

The lowdown: By the end of the year, the Denver food scene opened up to many sideline businesses, including many that have grown into successful culinary businesses. Some of the companies are Pint’s Peak, KREAM Kimchi, Samosa Shop, and Bubby Goober’s.

Newly opened

Aura’s Bakery introduced traditional Venezuelan tequeños in Denver

Photo courtesy Aura’s Bakery

The lowdown: Aura’s Bakery opened in Denver to introduce traditional tequeños to the city. The Venezuelan treat can be filled with apple pie filling, white cheese and guava, goat cheese and pesto, and much more.

The Bao Brewhouse has taken over the former Euclidean hall space

Photo by Alden Bonecutter

The lowdown: The Bao Brewhouse opened in the former Euclid Hall, giving it a new life. The Chinese-inspired menu features dishes from Big on the Pig, In-n-Baout, Lee Ho Fook, and more.

Wonder Press opened office in Denver

Wonder Press juices

Photo courtesy Wonder Press

The lowdown: Wonder Press – a cold-pressed juice bar – has opened a location in Denver. The bar offers baked goods, bone and vegetable broth and, of course, plenty of juices.

Ace Eat Serve Opened Wing Alley

Foxy Kitsune. Photo by Alden Bonecutter

The lowdown: Ace Eat Serve has opened its new Wing Alley project. The concept offers wing flavors like Angry Chicken, Tiger Wings, Night Owl and more.

The Big Red F Restaurant Group has launched three new popups

Photo courtesy of Centro Mexican Kitchen on Facebook.

The lowdown: The Big Red F Restaurant Group has launched three new popups. The popups are called The Tender Project, The Local Gringo and The Lasagna Project.

Wildflower Entices with sophisticated Italian at the Life House Hotel

Wildflower in the Life House

Photo courtesy Matt Kisiday for Life House

The lowdown: WildFlower opened at the Life House Hotel in LoHi. The restaurant combines the Mexican and Italian history of Denver with a cocktail program and menu.

Manzo Lobster & Oyster Bar opened in the Quelle

Photo by Luke Crosby

The lowdown: The Manzo Lobster & Oyster Bar has opened in Uptown. The ocean-themed restaurant offers first class fish dishes for a very special experience.

Excuses to celebrate

January 4th: National Spaghetti Day

Photo courtesy of Dio Mio – Handmade Pasta on Facebook

The lowdown: Dig into a juicy plate of pasta on January 4th during National Spaghetti Day. We all love a good carbohydrate.

Do not miss: If you need pasta spots, check out Dio Mio, Olivia Restaurant or Scileppi’s.

January 12: National Glazed Donuts Day

Photo courtesy of Pandemic Donuts on Facebook

The lowdown: Indulge in a few sweet bites on January 12th on National Donut Day. How can you start your day better?

Do not miss: For a treat, visit Pandemic Donuts, Berkeley Donuts, and Third Culture Bakery.

January 15th: National Bagel Day

Photo courtesy of Rosenberg’s Bagels and Delicatessen on Facebook

The lowdown: Start your day with a soft bagel on January 15th during National Bagel Day. You can top it with anything your heart desires.

Do not miss: Get fresh bagels at Rosenberg’s Bagels and Delicatessen.

January 30th: National Croissant Day

Photo courtesy Bakery Four

The lowdown: Tear into some puff pastry during National Croissant Day on January 30th. Nothing beats flaky butter.

Do not miss: You can find tasty pastries at Bakery Four, Bug & Belle Bakery and Fox and Raven Bakery.

Eat well, give back

Denver is a fundraising community, and there are tons of events each month that benefit nonprofits across the city. For Dig In, however, we specifically highlight food and beverage events that support food-centric causes and nonprofits – those that fight hunger, support the service industry, and more

The Preservery begins a “Get a Meal, Give a Meal” program

Photo courtesy of The Preservery on Facebook

When: Started in December

Where: The Preservery, 3040 Blake St. # 101, Denver

The lowdown: The Preservery has launched a Get a Meal, Give a Meal Program. You can offer a meal for someone in need while you dine alone. Buy a $ 12 meal. Get Meal, Give Meal, or Buy Meal to Donate Directly for $ 6. More information can be found here.