Gilligan’s dreams

Award winning author Dreama Denver

~ The book tells about Dreama’s life and love with Bob “Gilligan” Denver ~

This is the journey of two imperfect people who are a perfect match. To be loved by this man was the greatest gift of my life! “

– The award-winning author Dreama “Mrs. Gilligan ”Denver

PRINCETON, WEST VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, May 4, 2021 / – The iconic television series “Gilligan’s Island” is shown every day and every hour anywhere in the world. Amazingly, the most famous “3-hour tour” in TV history is still sailing over 50 years later. New generations of fans are discovering the castaways and the show’s namesake, Gilligan, a role that star Bob Denver made a television icon.

“I was married to the man known to the rest of the world as Gilligan for nearly 30 years,” recalls Dreama Denver, author of the touching, award-winning memoir, Gilligan’s Dreams; The other side of the island ”by Headline Books.

“Gilligan’s Dreams” tells the behind-the-scenes story of both showbiz success and behind-the-scenes family life of one of the most popular and enduring television stars (the “Dreams” of “Gilligan’s Dreams” was Bob Denver’s affectionate nickname for Dreama).

“This is the journey of two imperfect people who are a perfect match,” says Dreama. “Losing Bob was the hardest I’ve ever faced, but his love made me stronger, more focused, and ultimately able to survive even when I thought I couldn’t. To be loved by this man was the greatest gift of my life! “

After the young aspiring starlet was cast as Bob Denver’s love interest in a theatrical production of Woody Allen’s “Play It Again, Sam,” real sparks flew in what led to a whirlwind Hollywood romance, a Las Vegas wedding, and a long-running North American theater tour with Bob. Everything came to a halt when Dreama left her burgeoning career in show business to care full time for the couple’s young son Colin, who was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. Bob Denver was also soon saying goodbye to his television career as a full-time dad to Colin, who had to be looked after around the clock. In doing so, the man known by millions around the world when the cheerful Gilligan left Hollywood’s fame and fortune to play the greatest role of his life knew a devoted husband and father. Bob Denver died in 2005.

Dreama Denver now leads the Denver Foundation, helping families with other special needs children, and supporting the causes of veterans. She stays in touch with Bob’s many loyal fans via and oversees “Little Buddy Radio”, an FM and online non-profit radio station owned and operated by the Tune-In foundation around the world operated by her. App and Amazon Alexa devices worldwide. Dreama is also the multi-award winning children’s author on Four Bears In A Box, which was written for her autistic son Colin. She frequently appears at book signing, celebrity autograph shows, and memorial shows, helping keep Bob’s legacy and memory alive.

In Gilligan’s Dreams – The Other Side of the Island, read the poignant, loving, insightful account of Bob and Dreama Denver’s personal lives, including:

-Dreama’s big break as one of the original Walt Disney World cast members and the wise advice Roy Disney gave her
-Her first reaction when she was occupied by “Gilligan” across the street and told she had to kiss him in a romantic scene
-Bob’s long struggle with alcohol that almost ended their relationship before it began
-Dreama and Bob’s age difference and how they beat the odds of a Hollywood relationship with a three-decade loving marriage, despite it all
-Bob and Dreama’s world-traveling lifestyle, living on the beaches of Hawaii, in the mountains of Colorado, by the bright lights of Las Vegas, along the California coast, and more before settling in small town West Virginia?
-How Dreama and Bob first responded to news of their son’s autism, the lack of treatment options in the 1980s, and how caring for Colin changed their lives forever
-Bob and Dreama’s visits to the White House, CBS Television’s 50th Anniversary, Gilligan’s Island at the TV Land Awards, and other celebrity moments
– Whether Bob ever refused to be typed as Gilligan, the many variations of the Gilligan’s Island theme in failed TV shows (Gilligan in the west! Gilligan in space!) And what similarities and differences there are between the real-life Bob Denver and his portrayal the classic was lost
-Bob’s other big TV triumph as “Maynard” in “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis” and how many older fans identify with Bob’s classic beatnik character on his first hit show
-Dreama’s long and close friendship with Dawn Wells, who passed away in 2020 (they often appeared together as “Mary Ann and Mrs. Gilligan”)
Bob’s brave final days and how Dreama literally had a heart attack caused by the stress of losing her husband
-What Dreama thinks about the long-rumored movie Gilligan’s Island, the planned Bob Denver Museum in his adopted home of Princeton, WV, and what she is most proud of in advancing Bob’s legacy

About the author:

Dreama grew up in a small town in the United States in the 1960s and never thought that her fantasy of becoming an actress would ultimately come true and put her in the arms of a man with one of the most recognizable faces in the world. On the pages of “Gilligan’s Dreams – The Other Side of the Island” you will find love, laughter and tears. “Gilligan’s Dreams” is inspiring and possibly even life changing. It’s Dreama Denver’s love letter to Bob and her gift to Bob’s fans. Dreama describes her Hollywood years, her journey through autism with the courage of her son Colin and Bob in the last months of his life, and gives Bob’s fans a personal glimpse into the real man behind the legendary television characters he created.

As an actress, Dreama Denver has starred in dozens of theatrical productions with stars of the day, including Sal Mineo, Gale Gordon and Doug McClure, who have appeared with Bob Denver in several well-received theatrical productions, and starred in the television film “The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligans Island “And on NBC television pilot” Scamps “by Sherwood Schwartz (Gilligan’s Island, The Brady Bunch) with Bob Denver and Joey Lawrence.

An award-winning writer, media personality, philanthropist, and public speaker, Dreama now keeps Bob’s legacy alive through her work with the Denver Foundation, which supports children and veterans with special needs as president of Always Free Honor Flight and services on the board of directors of the Princeton Renaissance Theater, the future home of the Bob Denver Museum.

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