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Manufactured Homes Don't Have To Be Ugly & Poor Quality

Sep 13

Manufactured homes as a phrase usually comes with images of trailers and small, cookie-cutter poly-urethane homes for many. There's so much range for quality in home construction, and some of these factory-made houses have definitely been on the low end. You've seen them, maybe been in them, and haven't been impressed. Maybe it left you with a concept that manufactured homes can never be gorgeous. Can never be made out of real materials like timber and steel, versus plastic and popsicle sticks. Can never be custom built to your needs.

All too true is it that system-built manufactured homes can be poorly built, and not made to last. Just talk to anyone trying to insure one of those homes against the Big Bad Wolf. Any substantial storm can flatten those homes, and the memories made there. And while these storms aren't typically seen in Colorado, those homes are just as prevalent. Companies like these build thousands of structures, all the same boring layout and poor quality, and sell them to the highest bidder for development projects. Don't let those companies breaking ground just to break your faith besmirch one great name in preconstructed houses, Kopper Creek Homes.

Based in Montrose, Colorado, Kopper Creek Homes creates truly gorgeous houses. Traditional homes are built on a plot from the ground up. Kopper Creek took the model of a preconstructed home, and perfected it. That means that our homes are fabricated in a temperature controlled factory piece by peice. They're shipped to where they need to be, and then put together, all by the same company. This style of vertical integration leads to top quality homes with no disconnect between the initial order to us handing you the keys. We work with the customer directly to find what their desires are in a home as well as their needs.

Being based in the Rocky Mountains, we're not expecting all these home just to be dropped into quaint little neighborhoods. Our homes are taken to private property all over Colorado, and built there just the same. We take pride in knowing that our houses are going to withstand the elements of our home state, and serve those who own them for years if not generations to come. 

Homes built by Kopper Creek are just as manageable, easy to upkeep, and insurable as any new home. They however might be prettier. Requests from a client, and our own particular style from our 20+ years experience in crafting custom modular homes come together to make honestly some of the most gorgeous homes to ever come out of a factory. Being custom built homes, the customer has a grand say in the final product, it's construction and aesthetics overall. 30-50 Homes each year are built by Kopper Creek Homes, our team dedicated to each home's quality, delivery, and sound counstruction, as well as adherance to the order itself.

System-built homes and other structures like barns, storehouses, and workshops offer time saving benefits versus typical construction, with no sacrifice in quality. There's no plastic railings that bend when you lean on them, no staircases you feel you're about to fall right through, no paper thin walls and ceilings. Our proven construction processes have been making long-lasting homes and buildings since the 1980s and we haven't slowed down. We are happy to walk each and every client through cost analysis of both the property the building or home is to be put on, as well as the homes construction and assembly. It is in our best interests as well as the customers to ensure that everyone knows all the costs associated with a custom home or building. 

If the quality of the manufactured home you're purchasing matters, choose Kopper Creek Homes. We have display homes available for tours at any given time, just contact us to schedule one. Montrose CO is easily accessible via US HWY 50 and even has the third largest airport in Colorado. We can be found South of town, along HWY 550. We can be reached at (970) 249-1148.

Make your home in Colorado, and have your home made there too, with Kopper Creek Homes. Contact Us Today!