During Thanksgiving Week, give thanks for what you have … and help those who are hurt.

And that includes local restaurants. While you can’t eat indoors, you can definitely get takeout, and fun options are planned in some restaurants, including al fresco dining that is 100 percent delicious and complies with current health regulations. If you’re looking to order food for November 26th, many kitchens are sold out, but you can check our Thanksgiving list.

Then read on in the coming days to find out more good things.


Samosas and other Indian specialties are popping up at Pony Up this week.

Mark Antonation

Monday 23 November
Chef Dave Hadley (formerly Bijus Little Curry Shop, Budlong Hot Chicken and Hamburger Stan) puts all of his samosas in one basket in the shape of his newest venture, Samosa Shop. Hadley will perform on Monday November 23 and Tuesday November 24 at Pony Up, 1808 Blake Street. He sells fat, triangular bundles filled with potatoes and peas (vegan) and a Turkey Day version with turkey, sweet potatoes and cranberries; In addition, vegan pumpkin and coconut curry, tandoori chicken curry and Kerala beef will be available for sale on both days from 4 to 10 p.m. Head to Samosa Shop’s Instagram page for drooling pictures and details, then pre-order from Pony Up’s online shop. There you can also add tempting cocktails and donate a meal to unemployed hospitality workers.

Tuesday November 24th
While the normal old flu doesn’t come to mind much this winter, don’t forget that it can still calm you down – and this year, the aftermath of a weakened immune system can be dire. especially for food and beverage workers who are already in constant contact with the public. On Tuesday, November 24th, the Colorado Restaurant Association is hosting a free flu prevention clinic for industry workers at its headquarters at 430 East Seventh Avenue. Show your ID, mask, and a registration form (available on the event’s Facebook page) for your free shot between 11am and 5pm. While it’s not as fun as the juicy variety, it’s a lot healthier in the long run. Can’t you make it on Tuesday Visit the Denver Public Health website for future free clinics.

Last year's Fizz Fest looked very different.EXPAND

Last year’s Fizz Fest looked very different.

Jacqueline Collins

Wednesday November 25th
You love Selters, which likely means you’re in the population group currently to blame for the skyrocketing COVID cases in Colorado. Stick to these self-righteous Gen-Xers by staying home on Wednesday November 25th (also known as drinks giving) by both indulging in your love of tough seltzer and staying home and – in a twist, that makes us green with envy We didn’t coined it – “Seltzering in Place” with the 2020 Fizz Fight Festival. Early bird prices are currently valid for GA and VIP party packages. For $ 40 or $ 50 (regularly $ 55 or $ 65) you get 16 selters plus a hard kombucha for VIPs, delivery of your alcohol, and access to a 7pm live stream where you can watch for your interviews Vote favorites and play drinking games with a number of C-List Reality TV “personalities” (drink each time someone uses the word “influencer”). Visit the Fizz Fight website for details and tickets.

Thursday November 26th
If the idea of ​​a typical Thanksgiving dinner makes you throw your innards up in the air, fear not: Colorado Sake Co. at 3559 Larimer Street is serving a downright non-traditional turkey dinner on Thursday, November 26th -Tag to: Hibachi. The terrace of the taproom is open to guests from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Regardless of the weather, you’ll stay cozy when grilling vegetables, meat, and seafood on a hibachi grill. The meal costs $ 45 for two and includes servings of meat and seafood and vegetables. Even if it’s not the usual amount of Thanksgiving that you’re used to, you can always order one per person so you and your quarantine buddy can both get the loosening-up experience. Find out more and buy tickets at Eventbrite.

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Friday November 27th
Two words: Pho Poutine. Pick up some of one of Denver’s hottest new food trucks, Pho King Rapidos, on Friday, November 27th at the Factotum Brewhouse, 3845 Lipan Street. You are likely hungover (and still full) from Thanksgiving (thanks for what we have left will be even more meaningful this year, but we are sure we will eat up our feelings and stuff our faces); What could be nicer than a pile of french fries, iron on steak, jack cheese and pho-flavored sauce? Pho King Rapidos has many other fun dishes on the menu too, but who are you kidding? Order online to make the visit smoother. Appearance from 1 p.m. for the goods.

And plan ahead:

Bob's Babka is a winner no matter what holiday you're celebrating.EXPAND

Bob’s Babka is a winner no matter what holiday you’re celebrating.

High Point Creamery

Thursday December 10th
Hanukkah begins Thursday, December 10th, and since the only safe things this year have been COVID, taxes, and political incompetence, we encourage you to plan ahead by choosing the most carbonated, sugary, and soothing Hanukkah candies you can find can pre-order immediately. Visit the website of the Jewish Community Center (JCC) in Staenberg-Loup now to order half a liter of Bob’s Babka, an olive oil ice cream with babka pieces (a sweet, eggy, yeasty Christmas bread). High Point Creamery is pints are made for $ 10 each (including taxes and credit card fees) and can be picked up on December 10th. No walk-up sales will be offered this year. So make sure you receive your order immediately. Both Olive & Finch locations (1552 East 17th Avenue and 3390 East First Avenue) offer Hanukkah cookie sets for the family that include a dozen sugar cookies, five different colored frostings, decorations, and a shopping bag. Order your kit from the cafe’s website (mention “JCC Denver” at checkout and 10 percent will be donated to the JCC) and collect your items between Tuesday December 8th and Thursday December 10th.

See our Thanksgiving list here.

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