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Let your back muscles play, get some Indian home-style cooking, click the (sausage) links this weekend and much more. We’ve rounded up five food and drink events that you won’t want to miss out on, plus future events that are worth saving the date for.

Friday 21st August
If you know about the Hollywood handshake and dreaded wet bum, be sure to sign up for a baking quiz night at Geeks Who Drink on Friday, August 21st. Knowing the basics of the Great British Baking Show is not the case, which means you will win. You will want to get to know the main actors in Bingate who highlighted the orange-glazed Guglhupf in the fifth series, what is behind Mary Berry’s departure from the show and what a “traybake” actually is. There are two start times for the virtual zoom quiz at 6pm and 7pm. Teams of up to six people can join for $ 6 per device. Find out more on the Geeks Who Drink Facebook page and get ready, get ready … baaaaaake!

Wayne of the same name has given away grills worth $ 20,000 to frontline workers.  on August 22nd he feeds the public for free.EXPAND

Wayne of the same name has given away grills worth $ 20,000 to frontline workers. on August 22nd he feeds the public for free.

Wayne’s Smoke Shack

Saturday 22nd August
Getting up early for a barbecue has never been so important as it was on Saturday, August 22nd. That’s because the superior (both qualitative and geographic) Joint Wayne’s Smoke Shack, 406 Center Drive, is giving away $ 5,000 worth of barbecue kolaches. from 11am thanks to the generosity of the Kingsford Charcoal website (Kingsford houses the Kolach tab). Buy lunch at the event and receive your free kolache, a baked bun filled with smoky meat. You can also download a copy of the Kolache recipe from owner / Pitmaster Wayne Shelnutt from the Kingsford website. The consistently excellent keyword will surely pass quickly. So be ready to get there early and brave a line – we promise it’s worth it.

Tessa Delicatessen, 5724 East Colfax Avenue, generally sticks to classic delicacies: salmon on toast, tuna salad sandwiches, muffalettas, reubens. But on Saturday, August 22nd, the restaurant’s sous-cook, Harshita Birdi, will bring her mother’s Indian recipes – not restaurant meals, but family favorites – out of the cramped pantry. From 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. you can enjoy hearty, juicy Saag Paneer, Chicken Korma and Idli Sambar as well as side dishes such as coconut chutney, yellow dal and roti paratha. Visit Tessa’s Instagram page to see the full menu and pictures of Birdi’s food (as well as the high quality sandwich content). Reservations and pre-orders are strongly recommended. Do it by calling 720-746-9138. If you can’t grab a table this week, never fear; Tessa intends to continue regular pop-ups that will also be announced on Instagram.

Chef Tom Coohill’s eponymous restaurant on 1400 Wewatta Street is perfectly positioned for al fresco dining. Its proximity to the bridge over the South Platte River has made it a popular destination for Beats on the Creek in recent years. While the 2020 concert series has been canceled, on Saturday, August 22, guests will be able to enjoy an outdoor wine dinner with outdoor seating on the bridge. Guests of the five-course menu can expect a selection of six wines from all over the world, which are poured alongside courses such as lobster salad with duck breast and citrus-truffle emulsion. roasted guinea fowl with porcini mushroom mousse, black mission figs and port reduction; and harissa-flavored lamb loin with dates and braised heirloom potatoes. Call 303-623-5700 or email [email protected] to reserve your seat for the 7pm meal.

Celebrate your golf simulation skills with drinks and the view from the roof of the Park Tavern.EXPAND

Celebrate your golf simulation skills with drinks and the view from the roof of the Park Tavern.

Mark Antonation

Sunday 23rd August
The recreational opportunities are fewer and further apart than last year at this time. A notable exception? Golf. You can still visit the links in person at six City of Denver courses (City Park Golf Course is still closed for construction) – or on Sunday, August 23, at the Park Tavern, 931 East 11th Avenue, at the opening Jobs over Open to unemployment through kind words. While the name of the tournament is a jaw dropping, the details are simple enough: four of you get together and book a time slot from 8am to 4pm to play the PGA National Golf Club course on high-end golf simulators. The proceeds of your entry fee ($ 250 for four people) will benefit Colorado Jobs With Justice, a coalition that works to advance workers’ rights. To reserve your tee time, call 303-832-7667 or email [email protected] The new head chef Toby Prout (formerly 12 @ Madison) has expanded the menu to include dishes such as a short rib dip with tomato jam, aioli with black pepper and caramelized onions. The bartenders will be serving specialty drinks made from Tin Cup Whiskey and 10 Barrel Brewing. among other.

Read on for future food and drink events ….

Spuntino's dining room is still closed to guests, but the outdoor tent is so cozy you won't miss the inside.

Spuntino’s dining room is still closed to guests, but the outdoor tent is so cozy you won’t miss the inside.

Danielle Lirette

Tuesday, August 25th
Last July, Italian restaurant Spuntino teamed up with Bo Porytko (formerly Rebel Restaurant, currently Misfit Snackbar) for a Yucatán-inspired dinner that took guests to a Mexican beach. On Tuesday, August 25, the couple revived this meal for a much-needed break from American life by A. Technically, you can still get on a plane and disembark south of the border, but that’s what you really want to take ? Chance? The next best option is a four-course meal under Spuntino’s comfortable and spacious outer tent at 2639 West 32nd Avenue. The current menu includes grasshopper pods with mint cream and spicy chapulines; Suckling pig roulade in Arbol Chile Adobo with chicharrones, chorizo ​​and cashew nuts; and a plate of dueling tacos with chefs from Porytko and Spuntino, Cindhura Reddy and Austin Nickel – both nominees for the James Beard Award this year – each of which results in a previously unknown taco in the interests of friendly competition. Seats are still available on the Spuntino website at 8:30 p.m. for $ 90 per person.

AshKaras Muhammara made from walnuts and roasted red pepper will soon be your favorite pita accompaniment.EXPAND

AshKaras Muhammara made from walnuts and roasted red pepper will soon be your favorite pita accompaniment.

Danielle Lirette

Saturday 29th August
Everyone needs a little extra help these days – restaurants, nonprofits, your neighbors, your own fucking self. The Denver Box, a new project from the Lion Project, aims to spread love. Each month the organization works with a local restaurant to create a meal that feeds four people. Think of this as an elevated packed lunch where the money you pay for food ($ 100) is split evenly between participating restaurants and nonprofits. The debut Denver Box was put together by Ash’Kara and includes the Israeli restaurant’s homemade pita with a quartet of dips (hummus, muhammara, baba ganoush and labneh), salad with avocados and za’atar dressing, saffron rice, vegetables and chicken kabobs and the fascinating Golden Colada Cocktail (rum, pineapple, lime, turmeric yogurt and Ras al Hanout simple syrup). Order your box from the Lion Project website for pickup on Saturday August 29th at Morin, 1600 15th Street. Ash’Kara and the Spero Recovery Center, a rehab center for uninsured or otherwise insured individuals, are each receiving $ 50 unable to afford the high cost of inpatient treatment.

If you want to have a juicy seltzer sprayed directly into your mouth from a distance of two meters, Seltzerland is for you.EXPAND

If you want to have a juicy seltzer sprayed directly into your mouth from a distance of two meters, Seltzerland is for you.


Saturday 19th September
When event producers carefully dipped their toes back in the murky water of large gatherings, they need to be creative to ensure safety, social distancing, and summer fun are all available in a single afternoon. Seltzerland, a traveling hard-seltzer festival landing in Denver on Saturday, September 19, is as intriguing as any: vendors and patrons will be drinking nine holes at Erie’s Colorado National Golf Club, 2700 Vista Parkway . Leave your clubs at home (long metal sticks are typically frowned upon at any gathering where alcohol is the main attraction) to take down the fairway with a cohort of up to fourteen other participants. Entry is at ten-minute intervals and social distancing is required between groups as well as between providers. While we’re not sure how to get your seltzer samples from within three feet of the seltzer (is that the right word?), You are promised more than fifty different drinks and ninety minutes of fresh air and drinking with friends. Admission tickets cost $ 29 for general admission, which runs from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. (attendees are given ten-minute admission time in this window), or $ 65 for VIPs, which runs from 11:00 a.m. to 12:50 p.m. A cocktail, a full can of seltzer, free parking and canapes will be in addition to the samples. Visit the event website for details and to purchase tickets.

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Amy Antonation knows that street tacos are infinitely superior to tacos covered in crema rings, and she’ll stab you with her knitting needles if you try to convince her otherwise.