Heidi Finn, owner of Urban Luxe Real Estate, sits with first-time buyers Emily and James Kralicek while Brandi Siefkas from On Q Financial explains the loan documents.

Everywhere we go we create excitement and interactivity among residents. We carried out our first mobile closing on Friday, where our customers signed on Airstream in front of the house they bought. When we finished we had a lot to do!

Inspired by the food truck movement, Urban Luxe Real Estate unveils the first Airstream mobile real estate office in Denver.

“Place, place, place” is the mantra. While this is still true when buying real estate, the real estate business has moved out of the traditional office space. Instead of meeting in an office to discuss real estate or sign contracts, savvy realtors, buyers and sellers use the Internet, email, tablets, smartphones, Skype, Facebook or Twitter. Real estate is a mobile business and nothing symbolizes mobility more than Airstream.

“People associate the Airstream brand with fun and engaging activities. That’s why we created the Urban Luxe Mobile Office as a ‘conversation starter’ – an approachable environment with fun, interaction and learning,” says Heidi Finn, owner of Urban Luxe Real Estate. “The relaxed outdoor environment gives people plenty of opportunities to get to know each other on a more personal level and see if we can work well together.”

Urban Luxe Airstream is stopping across town to educate people in the Denver real estate market.

Aside from the signature aluminum, it doesn’t look like a traditional Airstream. Its tinted wraparound windows and large round skylight make it look futuristic rather than vintage. Instead of a small front door, the entire back of the Airstream opens completely. The stylish interior offers space for four to six people and has a removable table for signing final documents. Numerous iPad monitors with a rotating slide show of the houses for sale in the neighborhood are mounted throughout the interior. It has a coffee and champagne bar, satellite TV, surround sound, WiFi and printing, as well as downloadable neighborhood and bicycle maps. There’s even an outdoor fire pit, grill, and movie projector for special occasions. Would you like to take a neighborhood tour or see a few houses? No problem. Do this on one of the Urban Luxe Cruiser bikes parked outside.

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High-resolution images from Third Eye Studio can be downloaded here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2ygkjjrwzfc550o/TzUqkSosCx.

Urban Luxe Real Estate is a full service boutique real estate company with a collection of extremely talented and professional realtors, transaction managers, writers, art directors, graphic designers, photographers and interior designers who relentlessly and personally advise real estate expertise to individuals and families seeking extraordinary Denver . Urban Luxe Airstream is a mobile office designed to dissolve the boundaries between business and customers and highlight the Denver lifestyle and social community.

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