The Gateway High School football team made history by becoming the first men’s team to compete in the Gateway state championship game, but the journey to greatness was dangerous.

And time wasn’t on their side.

Justin Kluivert, interim coach at Gateway, said: “Or why not cut off the pad?”

Two weeks before CHSAA High School Soccer’s Spring C Season C started, Gateway saw their coach quit.

“A few days before the Zoom meeting,” says senior quarterback Eric Covington. “Everything was supposed to be clicked, and when that happened he just got up and left.”

“I was a little frustrated,” says senior linebacker Eric Rivera. “We worked too hard in the summer, even if he was here to prepare for a moment like this.”

With little time to prepare, Justin Kluivert jumped into the fight. As a Gateway graduate, he enjoyed the opportunity to lead the team.

“We have to go,” says Clyatt, recalling his thoughts when he took over the program. “I mean, you have two weeks. It was me that the kids got excited. I was there for the children and started this journey and where we are, I was curious to see if I went. “

The Olympic athletes kept fighting. Shut down for COVID-19 for 2 weeks and played 2 games in 2 exercises. Well worth preparing.

“We faced adversity during this process,” says Covington.

Perhaps the biggest problem was the quarter-final playoff game with George Washington.

“Satisfactory, they were unbeaten and we trained for two days,” says Rivera. “I haven’t gone home yet so let’s go here.”

“The coach told me to eat but it hasn’t settled in well,” said Covington. “So I had to find the closest thing to vomiting. I felt like a whole new me, like waking up with a good night’s sleep. New energy is mine I came in. “

“It’s like in a movie. A picture book, ”says Rivera.

The vulnerable have proven that they belong and have made history in the process. Build this newfound success on a solid foundation of patience and love.

“We’re just showing them how to find a solution,” says Clyatt. “I think when you don’t have a solution it often means the difficulty of getting you to a bad place. We tell our children that we love them every day. I tell you and it shows that it’s okay if you can tell someone else. “

“I always want to say that football is like clockwork,” says Rivera. When a gear doesn’t move, the clock is ticking. “

Gateway Football has acted more like a Rolex than a sundial lately, but that moment as an Olympic athlete is finite.

“The sand is gone, but what should the sand look like when it comes out of the glass,” says Clyatt.

But they have now turned their time on its side. Because this group will be remembered forever.

Gateway Football conquers adversity, makes history Source Link Gateway Football conquers adversity, makes history