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Smart Lead Generation Strategy For Home Service Contractors

How is it important to generate leads for home services? It’s the best way for small businesses, and it can help them win over their competition. Hubspot marketing experts found that 61% of marketers believe lead generation is their top goal.

Why is lead generation so important?

Home service contractors must generate leads because it is vital to gain new customers in order to grow their business quickly and effectively.

This is the setup:

  1. To generate leads, a company must collect information from potential customers. This could include basic contact information or more detailed data.
  2. Once all this information is available, a company can start contacting leads in order to make sales.

Lead Generation Strategies

An effective lead generation strategy can help you optimize Google My Business. This helps potential customers locate you when they search local businesses. It also gives them the confidence that they’re dealing with a legitimate company.

A lead generation company may offer to list your business in email lists and directories. They might also publish your business on social networking platforms.

Before you commit to a long-term lead supplier, it is important to evaluate the quality of leads provided by such platforms.

Lead scoring

What is lead scoring? What is lead scoring? Lead scoring assigns a “weight” to each lead according to the outcome of an action. This means that a website visitor who fills out an inquiry form will be assigned less weight than a customer who actually requests a quote.

Some leads may not convert to sales immediately. It’s crucial to keep adding value to these leads until they are ready to convert into customers.

Assessing your lead conversion

Ask yourself these questions for each lead you receive: “Did they hire us?” “Did they sell something to us?” Lead conversion rates will help you determine how many leads you turn into actual sales.

How can you convert leads?

Let’s say you receive 50 leads each month and that those leads result in 10 customers. Your conversion rate is 10% x 50 = 0.2 or 20%.

Different trades and industries have different lead conversion rates. These are the conversion rates that a general contractor can expect to get from leads generated by 3 different lead-generation platforms.

– HomeAdvisor – 15%

– Houzz – 11.25%

BuildZoom – 7.5%

It can be hard for leads to convert after only one contact, depending on their industry and company.

Businesses are often too slow to respond to leads. This is the number one reason why leads don’t convert. You can lose your prospect if you don’t respond within 24 hours.

7 Actionable Lead Generation Strategies for 2021

These 7 strategies will help you generate the contractor leads that you need to remain competitive in this highly competitive industry.


#1 Optimize your Google My Business profile

Get started with your Google My Business profile (a completely free service).

How can I optimize my Google My Business listing for optimization?

You will need to fill out the following information in order to optimize your Google My Business profile.

– Add all relevant service categories.

– Fill out your location and opening hours.

Connect with customers via reviews

How do I use GMB posts?

Blog posts can be created on your GMB profile. This is a great way for customers to get industry insight and to drive traffic to your site. These articles can be created or linked to from the Activity section of your Google My Business dashboard.

Google Maps: Does it link to Google My Business as well?

Yes. Optimizing your Google My Business profile will increase your chances of being found via location-based searches on Google Maps.



Local SEO strategies are essential for home service businesses, as more than 76% of consumers use search engines to find services near them. Ranking number one in local searches is the best strategy.

How can I start local SEO strategies to my home-based service business? It is important to identify keywords that your ideal customers may use when searching for them.

If you’re a Denver landscaper, for example, you might want to start SEO strategies using keywords such as “Denver lawn maintenance”, or “Hire a landscaping company” or similar phrases.

Local SEO is it expensive?

It doesn’t have to be expensive. It all depends on who you hire. A home service contractor will likely not pay the same amount for local SEO strategies as a large company competing with national companies.



How can I make a review strategy?

You should not only ask for reviews online from clients but also invite them to leave reviews at local rating sites such as Yelp and Google. These platforms allow you to ask customers for reviews if your company has a profile. Asking customers for 5-star ratings can boost your search engine rankings.



What’s the difference between paid and organic search results?

Paid ads are displayed above organic search results. They can be limited to 30 characters.

Organic search results, on the other hand, are driven by website traffic and ranking factors, not how much you spend for ads.

Why do I need both local SEO and paid ads?

It is not enough to have a Google My Business page that’s optimized. You can expect to rank on the first page for your most important keywords if you don’t pay search. This is only possible for companies with a strong online presence. This could lead to 50% loss of potential leads.

You want to rank #1 in Google SERPs (Search Engine Response Page) for high-intent keywords such as ‘plumber near you’ or ‘landscape designer Denver’.


#5.  Nurture leads through email marketing

How do I do email marketing for my home service business?

Email marketing can be a great way to reach current customers and generate quality leads. Once you have attracted interest from a lead you need to maintain that relationship until they become customers.

It’s easy to send follow-up emails to customers. This allows you to build trust and remind them that they are still available when they need you.

What are the basics of email marketing for home-based service businesses? You need to know the basics of email marketing in order to create an effective campaign.

– You will first need to compile a list of contacts who have signed up to receive email from you.

Next, choose an email template design and begin creating content for your drip campaigns. Once you have completed these steps, you can create your autoresponder. What is a lead nurturing program?

You can guide prospects and customers through the lead nurturing process.

Local lawn care experts might send out emails with helpful tips and suggestions for how to use their products. They could then create a promotion or special offer to increase sales of their products.

Why is email marketing so important? Let’s look at some statistics about email marketing:

A study done by the Content Marketing Institute found that 87% of marketers believe email marketing is still highly effective. This compares to 90% for social media.

What kind of emails should you be sending? These are some suggestions:


– Sales Progression Emails

To keep your customers informed and interested in what is offered, create an email series that will send messages at various stages of the selling/buying process.

– Thank You Emails

After customers make a purchase or hire your services, send an email thanking them.

– Special Offers

Offer targeted discounts and offers. Clear calls to action are essential for every offer in your email marketing campaign.


– Targeted messages

Based on the lead’s original inquiry, create custom content. This will allow you to gain a better understanding of your leads and their preferences.


– Follow up emails

Simple follow-up emails reminding customers that they have not yet purchased or replied to your quote details can go a long way in stimulating sales. To keep your customer’s minds fresh, send it within one to two days after the inquiry was sent.

To convert leads to customers, you can include a CTA in your email. Do you already have a link in one of your emails? That’s great! Great!



How can I establish rapport with potential customers

Your business should not be able to convince customers that you are trying to force them into buying. If you’re friendly and approachable, customers won’t feel pressured to buy. You will build trust with potential customers, so they remember you when they buy a product or hire you for a service.

That’s great! But how do I do it?

You can send them personalized emails! Email is a great way to establish rapport with potential customers.

When you send an email, don’t be pushy. Your email should be personable so that you leave a lasting impression on the customer or lead. You can send them information they may find interesting, but you don’t have to try and sell anything. You will be a trusted source of information that they will turn to for any product or service you offer.

These are three steps that will help you build rapport with your lead inquiry

  1. Present yourself, your company, and your site.
  2. You can highlight a blog post that is relevant to your customer’s needs or recommend an article. You might say, “This may be helpful to you.”
  3. Send them an email and let them know how to reach you.


#7. Run a referral program

What is a referral program?

Referring friends to you is a way for customers to get rewarded or benefits. Referral programs should be able to track referrals and have unique referral links.

What is a referral program for a Denver home service company?

This tactic is extremely effective for home service entrepreneurs. 19% of all purchases are made by word-of-mouth. Referred by friends and family, people are more likely to use services they have used. Why? They trust them, and they know they will only recommend people or businesses that are trustworthy and honest.

How do I create a referral program for my business?

Sign up for one of the many referral software programs available to create a referral program. You can also include a form for referral submissions on your website.

Referring a customer to book work with you is a great way to get more leads.

Leveraging Lead Generation

Any home service company’s lifeblood is lead generation. It is just as important to have the right leads as a website.

Although it is not an easy task, the strategies discussed here will help you increase your lead conversion rates.

What actions are you taking now? Comment below to let us know!

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