Good news: As an adult, you don’t have to wait for December 25th to treat yourself to something nice. Instead, unwrap something tasty every day this week, whether it’s steaming dumplings, homemade pita, perfect sushi, or the feeling of giving. See our suggestions below.

And it’s not too late to partake in a Christmas Eve or Christmas dinner package from your favorite restaurant. Please see our separate list for options – but hurry up, time is running out.

Monday December 21st
Good boy, we are almost at the end of one of the more terrifying years we made it through 365 days. Reward yourself for getting through the vast majority of 2020 (355 and up) on Monday December 21st by heading to Brass Tacks, 1526 Blake Street for an Oh Golly Dumplings popup . Visit Tock and order creative dishes like La Son tons (lasagna wontons with Italian sausage, red sauce, mozz, and ricotta), as well as Midwestern classics like grape jelly meatballs – wrapped in dumpling batter! You can also get your gloves with juicy drinks from the bar; We save space for Wassail, hot chocolate and party punch (also made with an undeniable Central American ingredient: orange sorbet). Pick up your meal between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m., and if you’ve decided on items that have already sold out online, cheer up: a limited number of the buffalo chicken and potato, leek and mushroom dumplings are available for walks . To order.

The weather may be terrible, but the views of Acreage are still lovely.

Courtesy of Acreage Facebook

Lafayette’s Acreage, 1380 Horizon Avenue, sends you home on Monday, December 21, full of cider and good cheer. Show up between 4:30 PM and 8:00 PM and for $ 12, get two 10-ounce toppings in a festive camp mug to take away as a reminder of the strangest Christmas that most of us will (hopefully) ever experience . The proceeds will go to the Hanzon Foundation, founded by Lonnie Hanzon, the artist behind Camp Christmas. You can find more information on the Instagram page. Reserve outdoor seating on Tock.

Tuesday December 22nd
It’s the season for home cooking. And starting Tuesday December 22nd, you can learn how to make soul food of the Jewish variety with a series of weekly cooking classes running through January 12th. From 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. you will learn how to make hummus and pita almond bread (a twice-baked almond biscuit similar to biscotti), noodle or gluten-free potato balls and different types of charoset (a traditional fruit and nut relish). This week’s class sheds light on pita and hummus. Sign up for $ 36 on Judaism Your Way’s website for instructions, recipes, and ingredient lists. Sign up for the full series for just $ 118.

Chefs at Sushi Den would like to welcome you again, but .....EXPAND

Chefs at Sushi Den would like to welcome you again, but …..

Courtesy Sushi Den

Wednesday December 23rd
Dos Luces Brewery, 1236 South Broadway, will serve a take-away beer in conjunction with Four Directions Cuisine on Wednesday, December 23rd. The completely gluten-free meal can also be prepared vegan and comprises three courses: a winter pumpkin salad; a quinoa “bibimbop” bowl with vegetables, quinoa, pumpkin, heirloom corn and beans and a pickled egg with salsa verde; and fingerprint cookies. Each class includes a bottle of Chicha, Pulque, and Hard Agua Fresca for $ 40. You can add a bottle of Aged Imperial Chicha with Pomegranate for an additional $ 20. Order on the Dos Luces website by Monday 21 December and collect your meal on December 23 between 4pm and 6pm.

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It has been a while – and it will be even longer – since we were allowed to sit down at a sushi bar and watch the chef transform raw fish and rice into something greater than the sum of its parts. So, Sushi Den, 1487 South Pearl Street, is launching a pair of to-go festivals that will be available from Wednesday, December 23rd. The holiday consists of three brightly colored bento boxes plus dessert, which serves two for $ 140. It is available now through Saturday January 2nd. Details and ordering information can be found here. The Chef’s Table at Home is an omakase style menu of sushi and sashimi chosen by the chef to your liking. This menu costs approximately $ 125 per person, which may vary based on market price, and is available until further notice. Please refer to the restaurant’s website for ordering information. Note that all orders for the holiday or the chef’s table at home must be placed at least 24 hours in advance by 5:30 p.m. the day before.

The Mutiny Information Cafe is now home to one of Denver's community refrigerators.EXPAND

The Mutiny Information Cafe is now home to one of Denver’s community refrigerators.

Claire Duncombe

Thursday December 24th
Thursday, December 24th is a good time for everyone to either seek help from others or to ask themselves what they can do for others. Either way, a good place to start is from one of three Denver Community Fridges spread across the subway area. The working fridges are outside and accessible all day every day. When you need a meal, show up and take what you need. If you can help, please donate quality food that is clearly labeled with an expiration date and ingredients (if it’s homemade). The only donations the effort can’t accommodate are packets of raw meat. Donors are asked to set up the fridges and dispose of any food past the expiration date when they hand in new food. Visit the project’s Instagram page and tap About to make sure you’re doing everything right (and not creating more work for the organizers!). Then stop by one of the fridges outside Mutiny Information Cafe (2 South Broadway, Huckleberry Roasters (4301 Pecos Street) or Base Coat Nail Salon (2700 Walnut Street) for some fun or some fun.

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